Surviving the Long Lunch

When long lunches appear on your schedule – either business or pleasure- it helps to have a plan of attack to keep you on track with your healthy eating plan. Here are a number of key tips that will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Is Your Food Making You Sick? Discovering Food Sensitivities to Feel Your Best

Are you sick of feeling sick and tired? Are you taking medication that at best works to cover up symptoms but never solves the problem?

The Power of Berries

Berries are full of powerful nutrients. Even though they are small, they pack a big nutritional punch. Use them in your meals, or snacks to reap the health benefits.

Food Choices For A Candida-Free Diet

A Candida diet requires you to eliminate sugar and foods that act like sugar in your body. This can feel like an overwhelming diet with a number of restrictions. Let’s take a look at the foods you need to avoid to eliminate Candida and then the potential substitutions and alternatives. Don’t worry, there are still tons of foods you can enjoy and still eliminate your Candida overgrowth.

6 Ways to Beat Fatigue

We all feel fatigued at one point or another and for some of us it is more often than not. You feel completely drained mid day and you find it difficult to continue on productively. But there are some helpful tips that you can do to overcome that tired feeling.

Top 5 Healthy Food Guidelines For Pregnant Women

Eating well during pregnancy is important because it impacts the health of the mother and the child. The baby needs an adequate supply of nutrients to develop properly. Not only this, an expectant woman’s body needs energy to cope with the pregnancy symptoms. Thus, the meals should consist of a variety of foods loaded with proteins as well as foods containing starch.

Nothing Beats Eating Beets

Beets! Beautiful in color and highly nutritious, these root vegetables contain antioxidants and are chock-full of uber health benefits. From the Swiss chard and spinach families, these low calorie vegetables contain zero cholesterol, and have very little fat. They are great natural detoxifiers and anti-inflammatory foods that can help the body in various healthy ways. Beets are quite the versatile vegetable too, and can be cooked, juiced, chopped, grated, shredded, boiled, steamed, and roasted, and make for some delicious recipes.

Eye of the Matter – Checking Your Child’s Eyesight

I am myopic. I have been wearing glasses since I was about twelve. However long before that I had difficulty reading from the blackboard. I used to try and get one of the front benches. After a while even that was not enough and little me used to toddle to the front, stand in front of the black board and read, then toddle off to my seat to copy it down. When I started standing next to the board with my copy to copy the stuff, the teacher saw red. Searching questions revealed my malady and there was a note in my diary for my parents.

Vitamins: How Much and Why?

Vitamins, along with many other nutrition aids, are not something that people are very familiar with. Yes they are good… but why? Why do we need them? What are the consequences to not taking them? Do they really work? Am I taking the right amounts and am I taking the right vitamins for me? All these are valid questions that aren’t common things people know, but the nutrition facts are out there.

Get Adventurous And Healthy With These 5 Super Greens

Need to get out of a broccoli rut when it comes to eating vegetables? These super greens will nourish your body and feed your sense of adventure at the same time!

Health Issues and GMO Foods, Is There Really a Link?

With little long term evidence of health risks, the FDA in 1992 deemed Genetically Modified foods safe. By 1996, these Genetically Modified Organisms had made their way into American’s daily diets. Twenty years after introducing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), we are starting to see the adverse affects.

The Importance of a Whole Food Diet

To achieve and sustain health it is imperative to look at whole, unprocessed foods. This is the only type of food the body recognizes as fuel for repair and growth. Whole foods are varieties of seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as grass-fed animal products. Processed food products are bare of nutrients due to high heat used in the manufacture and chemicals as preservatives, coloring and flavoring agents. It is never too late to make changes from a mediocre diet to a health-giving one.

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