Effective Workout: Burn Fat and Muscle Growth

Hardcore Power Bodybuilding: “Big Guy” Reveals Body Part Split For Maximum Muscle Growth Part 2

There is a perfect bodybuilding routine. A ‘Golden Ticket’ of sorts ensuring maximum muscle growth at maximum speed. Not working the correct body parts together in your workout program is a recipe for no progress. If you want to know the best method of structuring your workout program, then read on.

Shocking Interview: Hardcore Bodybuilder Talks Training Frequency Part 4

Most guys in the gym look the same year after year… no progress, no muscle gain, no strength gain. Yet they keep hammering away on a program that yields zero results. Most trainees either under train or over train. Read this article to discover the perfect timing and frequency of bodybuilding workouts.

Hardcore Power Bodybuilding: “Big Guy” Reveals Body Part Split For Maximum Muscle Growth Part 1

Are you ‘lost’ at the gym. Did you get your workout program out of a bodybuilding magazine(gosh, I hope not)? If you want to know how to put your workout program together so that you will finally start building some muscle and get stronger, then look no further. Read on, this is your ‘golden ticket’ workout program for bodybuilding success!

Hardcore Bodybuilding Interview: “Big Guy” Reveals Program Structure Part 5

Maximum speed muscle building. If that is what you want then you have come to the right place. How to put your workout training program together for maximum muscle growth is revealed in this article.

Hardcore Bodybuilding Interview: Uncensored Secrets Released Part 4

Don’t read this article if you want to hear the usual ‘garbage’ advice about ‘how to gain muscle’… internet articles like these are a dime a dozen and usually written by some 150# guy who used to weigh 140#. This article is an interview with a guy who used to weigh 130#’s and now walks around at 245#’s in very good shape. If you want to know how he did it, read on.

Top 4 Supplements for Bodybuilding – For Quicker Muscle Gains

There are loads of different muscle building supplements out there that all claim to give you the best muscle gains. Some can be extremely expensive and some don’t provide much if any advantages to your muscle gains. This article will reveal the top 5 muscle building supplements to take.

Best Muscle Builder For Gaining Mass

Discover the best muscle builder for gaining mass. This supplement will give you the boost in the gym that you are looking for.

Bodybuilding Secrets Revealed: Interview With a Hardcore Bodybuilder Uncensored Part 3

Not another ‘cookie cutter’ article written by a physiology student (who just read about protein intake in their textbook). This article is about real life muscle building. Chances are that you have no idea how to eat properly for bodybuilding. Read on and see the light.

The Muscle Adaptive Process

When just starting and are new weight lifting, most of us experience fast muscle gains also known as “noob gains”. One of the reasons behind this is because the muscles are shocked as they are not used to lifting weights therefore build faster than normal due to the body quickly attempting to deal with the shock. After working out for some months, you may notice your muscles are not as sore the next day after a workout as they used to be and your gains are slowing down somewhat.

Foods That Help to Increase Testosterone Quickly and Naturally

To increase your testosterone there are a few ways. You can take the dreaded steroids, you can take other supplements, you can train with heavy weights and you can increase it naturally by eating certain food combinations. This article will reveal the best foods to eat to quickly and naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Best Way to Get Bigger Arms

If you are having a hard time building up your arms or looking for a new arm routine, this is as god as it gets. This is the greatest way to add inches to your arms.

What to Eat After an Intense Workout – Post Workout Meal Nutrition

Getting the right food to your muscles after an intense workout is a vital component in the success of your overall recovery and muscle growth. It can be confusing working out the best types of food and amounts of each to have after your workout. This article will show you the best things to eat after your workout.

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