Fix Your Sitting Posture (Scapular Muscle Tone)

How to Prep for Your Figure Competition

Figure competitions are extremely popular these days. If you have an interest in taking part in one, it is CRITICAL you know how to prep for your figure competition. The more correct information you can gather and implement in your figure prep process, the better you will look and the higher you will place, and even grab an overall title.

Flexibility Training: Boost Your Performance!

One of the single most neglected areas of training is our flexibility. Strength, endurance, and explosive power are important… but how can we make our muscles even better and more efficient? Flexibility training!

The Optimum Exercise For Cholesterol Reduction

It is important to know what kind of exercises, how long and how often to do them for the optimum cholesterol benefits. This article introduces the reader to 3 types of exercises that can be combined and also discusses high and low intensity workouts.

How to Relax Your Feet to Improve Your Health

Feet are on the ground for a good reason: they obtain mother earth’s energy and her gravity! Most people are not even slightly aware of how much tension they carry in their feet. Why not read over this article and consider taking a serious, approach to tickling your feet into relaxation with methods that come from inspiration put forth by ancient Chinese understandings that the feet are very important toward the entire health of the body. In the bargain of focusing on your feet, you will also improve your concentration and become a more patient person.

How To Design The Perfect Weekly Exercise Program

If your fat loss regime focuses only on cardio, this is especially for you: make sure you pair cardio exercises with suitable weight training for maximum fat burning results! In order to achieve this, here is perfectly designed weekly exercise program just for anybody.

5 Tips on How to Work Out Smartly!

Often you see people starting working out, very eager and motivated. They often start to abruptly and end up having problems and finally quit. Such a shame.

Medicine Ball Workout Drill No 1

Well before we commence with medicine ball workouts, first an energetic and ballistic warm up should certainly be carried out to elevate the heart rate get the joints mobile. All of this is to prepare the body for the high intensity moves that will ensue. Try several of these workout routines as an example prior to the medicine ball workouts are undertaken.

Get Back in Shape Today

Are you looking to get back in shape? Here are some easy ways to fit workouts into your busy schedule. It is easier than you might think to get back in shape and reach your fitness and health goals.

Learn How To Lose Fat and Get Lean With High Intensity Interval Training

Ready to get as fit as a fiddle and lean as a…erm lobster? OK well then you’re ready for HIIT or High intensity interval training. It’s what all the slim jims are doing to get fit and super lean. The good news is you get the benefits of this type of training in as little as 20 minutes; the bad news is it’s jolly hard work!

The Top 5 Least Talked About Reasons to Exercise

There are many great reasons to develop a lifestyle of fitness and well-being. The typical reasons you hear are that you will look better and you will feel better. Those of us who have devoted our lives to fitness know that those 2 reasons open the door to many other “sub-reasons”, but as I sat here yesterday reading the above mentioned reasons over and over, I realized that many people don’t hear much about many other fitness benefits. Today we will focus on 5 benefits of exercise that are never talked about.

How Can You Not Go to a Gym and Still Get Fit?

Working out in your own home is a great alternative for people who are unable to afford the membership costs of a sports center. You’ll find many great workout routines which you can use in building your ab muscles from the comfort of your home.

Secrets On How To Get Ripped Abs Fast

If there was one muscle group that the majority of us would love to develop I firmly believe it would be how to get ripped abs fast. But there are too many people today going about about it all wrong. So I thought it would be a good idea to share a few secrets on how to get ripped abs fast with you that really work.

Four Benefits of an Adult Fitness Boot Camp

An Adult Fitness Boot Camp is specifically designed to get you back in shape in a group setting along with other adults with the same goal and fitness level. These bootcamps have become extremely popular as a way for people to recover shape and fitness they experienced in earlier years. The boot camp concept appeals to our natural tendency to do activities with other people and put ourselves under the guidance of a trained expert to achieve our desired goals.

Slow, Slow, Slow Movements

Many people believe that if they want to learn how to run faster and longer, they must simply do so. They must go out and run as fast as they can in hopes of attaining speed and increasing speed. People will do things such as weighted sprints, but unfortunately these types of sprint make you slower because you are not running as fast as possible.

Isometrics For Speed

Isometrics…what are they really? Well this form of exercise has the root “iso” meaning no movement. But how can an exercise with no movement help me run faster?

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