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Safe Stretching Routine Guidelines

While implementing a stretching routine into your workout is very important, performing it correctly is equally as important. There are several simple guidelines to follow that will protect you from injury while stretching and will also help minimize muscle soreness after your workouts. The stretching routine website is here to help you with information on how to increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Love the Run

Why do you run? For your health, weight loss, sanity or just for the joy of it? Most people would probably say one of the first three and end up with the added benefit of joy when it is done (sometimes because it is done!)

How to Get Skinny Thighs of a Ballerina at Any Age – Best Exercise to Get Stick Thin Thighs

Earlier, the guardians of women’s morals would fix an age after which they were not expected to wear mini skirts and show off their thighs. Apart from the fear of social disapproval or feeling guilty, some women genuinely think they are past the age when they could get the skinny thighs. In other words, they lose hope of shedding the ripply fat on their thighs for ever.

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles Faster Than Ever

You can find lots of answers on how to get rid of love handles fast, but which methods work? Are there gadgets or a magic pill that are going to reduce that annoying fat on the sides of your waist? Of course not, if you want to find a permanent solution to weight loss, you are going to have to do the work. The following are a few tips you can use to reduce your waistline quickly.

Getting a Proper Workout on a Treadmill

When the weather is crazy, some people turn to treadmills as a form of exercise. But many people aren’t using them properly. This article will show you how to best use a treadmill for maximum benefit.

Target Heart Rate – Have You Been Told All of the Facts?

Magazine articles and ill-informed trainers preach that to lose weight you should be maintaining a heart rate (HR) between 60% and 80% of you max HR for 30 mins or more. They then tell you to calculate this by using the following formula: 220- (your age) to find your max HR. The truth is (there are more effective ways to lose fat weight) and chances are this calculation does not provide you with the correct HR range. In fact, it only fits 70% of the population! Read the article to follow to find out how you should be computing your target heart rate and watch your progress in the gym soar!

How To Consistently Exercise To Lose Weight

Have you tried numerous times and failed to consistently keep on a workout schedule? Do you feel defeated every time this happens?

Goal Setting 101 – Part 1 – Before You Set The Goals

We all enter the first stage of reaching our fitness goals with super high hopes and expectations. You think that you’ll hit the gym..

Best Ab Exercises For Those Overweight

There is a couple of different reasons why a person exercises. Could be for the energy they get from it, or just to stay toned. But most of the people that exercise want to slim down and lose some weight. Those that do want to lose the weight are mainly wanting to lose it in the mid- section, or ab area. For those that are overweight, some ab exercises are not easy to do.

Exercise Is Great Medicine (If You Can Squeeze It In)

One day a new patient started the program. I checked her blood sugar and blood pressure, formulated her exercise program based on her health status and personally took her through her first exercise session. When she was finished she reported feeling more wide awake and better than when she had started 40 minutes earlier. Her blood sugar was lower as well as her blood pressure. She was very pleased with how things had gone her first visit.

Research Reveals The Three Best Exercises For Amazing Abs

Most people who work out and visit the gym would really like to develop a strong and defined abdominal six-pack. In this article I share with you the results of research carried out at San Diego State University. By following the exercises as outlined, and by eating a healthy and balanced diet, the six-pack is well within the reach of anybody – provided you have desire and determination!

Best Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

We all know that exercise is the key to weight loss, but what are the best exercises for weight loss? The simple answer is cardio or aerobic exercises. They are exercises that elevate your heart rate to a submaximal level and keep it there for an extended period. This is different to anaerobic exercise, where your using high explosive movements for a short time. You use different forms of energy when doing high resistance exercises.

Everyone Needs To Partake In A Proper Workout Routine

If you are into your health and body then you have probably heard of the benefits of strength and resistance training. This is not one of those scams to get you to spend money or waste time on pointless, mundane exercise; it really does work. Think about it, besides skin and water, what is the next largest part of your body?

How to Run Faster and Longer in 1 Week!

In attempting to gain endurance, many people choose to run long distance. What they don’t know about long distance running is that it is making them much slower.

Isometrics: Break Through Any Athletic Plateau

As we all know, every athlete reaches plateaus throughout his/her career. These different plateaus could be in the weight room or on the field. But unfortunately, many athletes reach plateaus because they have no idea how truly strong they are.

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