Full Body Cardio Workout (Lose 7kg In 1 Week Challenge)

Sports: A Sine Qua Non In a Professional’s Life

The sedentary lifestyle is not something unknown to us. Sticking to a chair and staring at the computer for 10 hours is a routine that keeps our time rolling. Though the pandemic has created many remote opportunities, the problem persists.

The Health Benefits of Weight Lifting & Strength Training

Resistance training is also known as strength or weight training has become one of the popular forms of exercise both for enhancing individual’s physical fitness and for conditioning athletes. No disrespect to cardio, but if you want to blast fat get in shape and rock everything that comes your way -weight lifting is where it’s at. Experts agree.

Run Your Way to Fitness

Over the last few years has your weight steadily increased? Do you wonder where that svelte teenager who could eat and drink anything without putting on or a pound has gone? Has “maybe tomorrow” become your mantra when you think about taking action? Or have you sadly accepted that this is now me and you’re too set and busy to change? Then you could be wrong…

Why Do You Need to Stretch Before a Workout?

Learning to do the right stretches to prepare your body for exercise will mean you are much better prepared to get the most benefit from your different exercises and increase your overall fitness and health. Both pre-exercise mobility exercises and post exercise stretches will lessen your chances of injury.

Your Run Form Sucks Try This Instead!

You’ve probably been running the wrong way the entire time. I don’t mean direction. I mean how your feet hit the ground every time you take a step to make yourself run faster. Called the “Heel Strike”.

Is It Time For You?

Did your health go off the rails a bit this summer? Worried about the approaching holiday parties?

Roll Out Your Fascia and Other Exercise Tips

Rolling your fascia out can be a great additive to any work out routine. We are still studying the science behind fascia and how it effects our workouts. You can incorporate any exercise into a workout routine that will work out your fascia. Below is a list of some of the best exercises to roll out your fascia. You can add any of these in your workout routine to work out your fascia.

Everything You Need to Know About Pull Ups The Definitive Pull-Up Guide

The Pull-Up. For some people, its viewed as humble bodyweight movement that can be performed effortlessly after an all night alcohol bender right before you pass out. For others, it is viewed as an elusive movement reserved for the athletically inclined or gifted.

Fitness Is Wellness and Wealthiness in Health

Working out is a blessing to your mind body and soul, therefore going in the right direction not only when jogging but also career wise can lead to unforeseen achievements. Health and Wealth are two interest that can relate to person well being as an successful individual. Why not live a long lasting life in a position of affordability and a high level of fitness that goes along with it.

What Is The Right Treadmill For You?

Treadmills are the most surely understood home exercise machines. It’s clear why. Adjacent to incredible running shoes, a treadmill may be unquestionably the most basic purchase health mentors, sprinters or joggers can make.

Tips On Finding The Right Shoes For Working Out

My best 5 tips to finding the most suitable shoes for working out. Whether it be jogging, running or training for a marathon, these tips will help you.

Best Mindfulness Exercises

There are many to choose, but it is possible that the best mindfulness exercises are those that are simple and accessible to all and that can still really help us to live in the moment. Mindfulness does not just happen though – just as with most things that are worth doing, Mindfulness has to be worked at, and practised regularly, to be of most benefit to us. One of the best mindfulness exercises is the Mindful Pause.

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