Full Body Dynamic Stretch and Cooldown Stretches

Bodybuilding Workout Routines – The Best Exercise For Beginners

If you are just starting out, push ups are one of the best, if not the best bodybuilding workout routines that you can do. It’s a great complete upper body workout and it is very easy to do. It’s so simple and so easy that you can do it at home (without needing for any equipment or a spotter) while you’re still looking for a gym. Actually, you can do it anywhere you want since all you need to perform them is a clear floor.

Top 5 Shoulder Exercises for Cannon Ball Delts

Broad shoulders are the symbol of strength and masculinity. Targeting the shoulders is the way to go for maximum development.

Essential Muscle Gain Tips to Build Muscles Fast

There are many ways to build muscles quickly that you can read anywhere. Yet, not all of them are effective. Some of the tips that you read might have given you wrong information. These wrong facts and information might endanger your health as well as discouraged you to be consistent in your training. With this, let me share you the essential muscle gain tips to build muscles fast.

Beginner Weight Training Program

Anyone can easily embark on his own beginning weight program to improve over-all health, aside from the usual objectives associated with any weight training such as weight reduction, muscle building or increase in endurance.  Regardless of purpose, it is important to establish a weight training plan which is suited for one’s specific needs.  Weight training programmes should be considered to achieve the targeted results in an efficient manner.

6 Of The Best Tips To Build Muscle

To build muscle your body needs more calories than it burns during a typical working day. Try and eat between 300-500 calories over your body’s maintenance level on a consistent basis. Without an excess of calories in your diet you will not put on muscle.

An Overture on Overtraining

In today’s safety-first, sue-loving world, people are less and less willing to advise others on taking extreme measures to take themselves to the next level. Hard and rigorous weight training is one of these, and I’m telling you it’s a big key in taking yourself to the next level.

Will Weight Training Make a Woman Look Like a Bodybuilder?

Many woman feat that training with weights will make them look like a bodybuilder. This fear is supported by the images of very muscular woman featured in popular bodybuilding competitions.

Bigger Forearms – Old School Trick for Massive Muscular Forearms

Want bigger forearms? Forget all the gimmicks and instead go old school. Here’s all you need for massive muscular forearm growth.

7 Minute Killer Chest Routine – Get A Muscular Chest In Only 7 Minutes!

Getting a muscular chest does not, and should not, take long. Here is a 7 minute killer chest routine that will make your chest grow big time.

7 Minute Muscle Review: Is This Program Misleading?

The commonly accepted archetype of thinking in body building circles is that in order to build muscle you have to be willing to work long hours in the gym lifting weights and working out. Then along comes body builder Jon Benson who shoots that archetype all to pieces with his 7 Minute Muscle program. If you’re ready to have your mind blown with some real-world statistics which contradict conventional thinking, then read this article…

How To Build Muscle – Determining How Much Weight You Should Use

So many muscle building literature are claiming that in order for us to build muscle we need to workout with heavy weights. Well, yes, that claim is very true, except that it leaves a very big question for many people. How much weight should one use, really? And how heavy is heavy?

Getting The Best Workout Routine For You

What are Workout Routines? Workout routines are strength training exercises which exercise major muscle groups and cardio-vascular system. The best workout routine has few hard and fast rules. However the best workout routines include basic natural movements: squat, lunge, lift, push, pull and twist either in combinations or alone.

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