Full Body Fat Burn | Best Plank Workout (Smaller Waist and Flat Abs)

How to Select the Right Fitness Program

The highly stressful lifestyle of today requires a moderate level of fitness to cope up and live up to the challenges modern living has in store for you. To embark upon a fitness schedule was always on the cards but it was difficult to decide the right fitness program. Most of us defer exercising because we do not know what works best for us, or even if we start upon something, we get disheartened when we do not see any noticeable results.

Warm-Up, Stretching, Cool Down: The Most Important Parts Of Your Workout

Warming up, Stretching, and Cooling down are key components to any training program, but they are often overlooked. Most people either think that they don’t have time, or they don’t know the importance of doing these things. Not only will performing these actions prevent injury, but they also provide a lot of other benefits that you may not be aware of.

Abdominal Exercises – Plank Your Way to a Flat Stomach and Healthy Spine

If you currently perform abdominal exercises like crunches and leg lifts to flatten your midsection then this is going to be an eye opener for you. The new trend in abdominal training is moving away from exercises that put your spine through a large range of motion under a load and for good reason. New research into how your spine and abdominal muscles work has created a new way to train our abdominal region that gets better results, improves your posture and prevents injury.

Primal Workouts – Are They Right For You?

What would humans do if there were no fitness gyms? What did people do to stay in shape before their invention? That thought kept coming into my mind as I explored the world of Primal workouts. I suppose that because of the harsh environments experienced by the first early humans, bodies were conditioned from birth to adapt. By doing so, they learned not only to survive the challenges they repeatedly faced but also to thrive in spite of them.

Primal Workouts – What Are They

Have you heard of Primal Fitness Workouts? I have to admit I never had until earlier this year. Experts define it as a type of strategy to build lean muscle mass. It can also be used to help you maintain that mass. Those who have tried it say they feel an increase in energy, greater strength and agility as well as a boost in their immune system.

Top 10 Most Difficult Pushups On The Planet

These 10 extremely difficult pushups are some of the most insane pushups on the planet. The vast majority have never heard of these pushups before but they are a sight to be seen when someone can actually perform them.

Beat Your Genes and Learn How to Slam Dunk Higher

Don’t get discouraged when learning how to jump higher or how to slam dunk. You may have genes that can discourage you, but you can find a vertical jump training program that can help you to over come the hindering of your genes.

What Will You Look Like At 96?

Jack Lalanne at 96 was in better shape than most people in their thirties. Yet his fitness lifestyle is downplayed by the medical community. Does that really make sense?

How to Get a Six Pack of Abs: Plan and Focus on a Fitness Routine

So you want to know how to get six pack abs, the quick and easy workout ever known to man, that will give you those ripped ab muscles today, well folks that’s not about to happen overnight but it will over time, with a consistent routine – cardio workout, abdominal workout, a healthy diet, and a strong mindset focused on planning to achieve those Six Pack Abs. For abs to surface and define its shape one needs to lose the layer of fat which covers the abdominal muscle, exercise with cardio and abdominal workouts, eat a healthy diet, and check your mindset planning, consistently, and patiently waiting for the body beautiful to transform. Cardio Workouts required to assist in shedding layers of fat which cover the abdominal muscle: treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical machine, and the recumbent bike. Regularly performed 3 days a week. Abdominal workouts to name a few are: bicycle crunches, knee lifts, crunches on ball, performed 3 days a week, one day on to work out, and one day off to rest and repair muscle. A well balanced healthy diet that consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, lean chicken, fish, beans, nuts, eaten in moderate meal sizes.

Why Yoga Is Great Exercise

Even though it is so much more than exercise, yoga offers tremendous physical fitness benefits. With just bones, joints, and muscles in mind, let’s explore the important and interconnected ways a weekly yoga class can perfectly complement your existing fitness regimen.

What Are Your Standards?

This is a fairly simple concept in the self-improvement game, but one that gets easily bypassed for more complicated and sell-able ideas. If you looked at your life at exactly where you are physically, financially, spiritually you are there because of the standards you’ve placed on yourself. This is an amazing thing because if you don’t like something, all you have to do is change your standards on the subject and voila!

Strength Training for Beginners – Are You Tired of Calisthenics Yet?

Strength training for beginners can be filled with a lot of misconceptions. You might think that after 6 months you will look like a fitness model with rippling chest, back, and bicep muscles, legs like tree trunks and a washboard waist. Then you think about it a while longer and think, “No, that’s not going to happen that soon. I’ll train real hard and give it about two years. Yea, that’s it. I’ll do whatever it takes for two years of hard training using this or that method I heard about and then I’ll take it easy with my beach body. By that time I’ll be strong and cut and so awesome.” Hold on a minute there, Slick. Strength is a skill. Many people enthusiastic to the idea of getting strong and building muscle sometimes have the same mentality as those who want to get rich quick investing in real estate or Forex. Resistance training is no different.

Burning Calories and Elliptical Machines

Can you burn more calories by using an elliptical trainer? Is an elliptical trainer better than other cardio exercise machines? Find out by reading this article.

Treadmill Exercise for Improved Fitness

There are many benefits to treadmill exercise compared to other workouts. The equipment is easily accessible and these exercises can be performed in the privacy of your home. Exercising in this manner proves ideal for people with hectic schedules and provides a host of health benefits.

Physical Fitness With a Modern Twist

It took a long time for my wife to convince me, but after ten years of marriage she pretty much knows how to get what she wants from me if she puts her mind to it. The story is a rather common one unfortunately, but in this case has a great conclusion. One of the biggest problems in marriage, and one that is not given enough attention is the problem of getting fat.

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