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Tailor Your Workouts To Train Your Abs For Results Your Body Can Show Off!

A good ab training plan or program will have you looking like a Greek God. What is the best way to train or build your workout though? We cover advanced exercises, each of which can have added intesity or be paired into a hiit system for optimal results!

Exercises Designed to Help Save Your Life

If you are over age 50, performing exercises that will assist you in making your life easier and safer is the best approach to fitness training. Training the way you live helps strengthen the muscles used for Activities of Daily Living (ADL) allowing you to perform better and reduce injury.

A Focussed Approach to Working Out

The fitness world is like a world filled with different sorts of candy for a little kid, so obviously this little kid will be distracted by all the fancy colours and designs, and the kid will want to try out all the candy at the same time. This will create a problem, one is that the kid will have a very difficult time finding their favourite candy, two the kid will be eating so much candy at the same time that by the time he is tasting the 10th candy, he has already forgotten about the first candy which he…

How To Build Abs With These Three Simple Steps

Learning how to build abs is actually a lot easier than you probably think. You see, we all have ab muscles, it is just a matter of whether or not we can make them visible. I am here to tell you that everyone can make them visible if they are willing to work hard. There are three main things you need to know if you want to get a six pack, the three things are goal setting, diets, and workouts. In this article we will talk about each one. If you follow all three things you will have ripped abs in no time!

What Is The Best Way To Fire Up My Metabolism For An Ab Training Plan?

An ab training plan is a solid way to ensure you get six pack abs. Which school of thought is going to help you design an abs workout to build the body and see the results you want? Read this for a personal trainer’s take on which route you should go.

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For Men – High Intensity Interval Training Explained

The best way to lose belly fat for men is high intensity training. This kind of training is faster to perform than your usual one hour run in the forest and far more efficient. When working out at the top of you ability in short intervals your body burns more fat. Learn how to set up your own HIIT routine and get started today.

7 Tips You Should Add To Your Ab Training Plan To Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

When you workout and train with whatever ab training plan you choose, the last 10 pounds is always difficult to overcome. If you’re close to seeing the results on your body you want, however just can’t get your abs to truly show through the last 10 pounds add these tips to your abs program! Once you build these in, you’ll easily see the results of your ab training plan come to life.

High Intensity Interval Training – How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a concentrated interval training workout designed to trigger anaerobic metabolism. This type of metabolism develops quick twitch muscle fibres commonly used by non-endurance athletes to develop better muscle memory, speed and power.

The Best Workouts: Non-Running Exercises

Here are some suggested ways of getting your cardiovascular exercise in without the stress of running. Sam talks about how inline skating, cycling, and kettlebells for instance, have helped him lose weight at a rapid pace.

Semi Conscious Exercising

Our modern lifestyle, one with short-distance walking, hardly any running or physical labor like wood-chopping, farming or hunting, has made it mandatory for modern man and woman to allocate time for exercising. Being fit is an integral part of being healthy, but doing mundane repetitive exercises is probably the most boring activities you can subject yourself to.

Correcting Your Technique: Top 5 Gym Exercises That People Do Wrong

Improper exercise technique is a leading cause of back and neck pain and can often lead to injury. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make as well as a few ways that you can correct your technique to prevent strain and avoid a trip to your physiotherapist.

Two Great Leg Toning Exercises for Pregnancy!

Are you looking forward to sporting your favorite leggings, short-skirt and shorts? If you just belted out a BIG “NO,” I don’t blame you! As much as we’d like to believe that our bodies will just go back to normal post-delivery, it just isn’t the case.

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