Glute Exercises Ranked | Hamstrings (BEST TO WORST!)

Kettlebell Workout Benefits – Changing Your Workout Routine

How kettlebells are a great addition to any workout. How are kettlebells beneficial to a workout.

Your Mirror: Friend or Foe? 15 Pertinent Points

At first your mirror can’t and won’t reveal the truth about what’s happening to your body. If you just started your fitness habit you likely need encouragement. Checking too soon for visible results may discourage you- will feel like you’re not making progress. Checking too often is like watching the minute hand on a clock- it’s the best way to make time drag. Good changes are guaranteed to appear. The question is not “will they appear” but “when will they appear.” Seeing may be believing but believing comes first. Have faith and know that your good habits can only produce good results.

3 Simple Reasons Why Barbell Weight Training Is Awesome

There are so many different programs and methods for getting in shape, that it can be tough to decide what to do. Before I douse my opinion on you, it must be known that any physical activity that promotes long term progression and goal setting is better than none. After trying many different exercise options, I’ve found that barbell training works best for me.

Stay Fit While Traveling

Exercising is tough enough during a normal work week but when you have to be on the road it can be close to impossible to maintain a regular training schedule. How can you possibly keep physical activity as a priority when you stay in a different hotel every night?

Understanding Your Physiology to Maximise Your Training

How to get the most out of exercise is difficult for many. Therefore, try to understand your own body.

What’s the Best Whey Protein Powder for Women?

This article is about whey protein powder products and discusses what is the best whey protein powder for women. Overall, whey protein is very beneficial to a workout regime.

How to Lose Weight and Get In Shape While Having Fun

Just by adding activity for 20 minutes a day, it can add up to several pounds of fat loss per year while improving your heart health, reducing stress, increasing your endorphins, and building muscle. Working out doesn’t have to be boring, you can lose weight and get in shape doing fun activities that you enjoy from walking your dog to hula hooping!

Intimidated At The Gym? Don’t Be: 10 Points To Ponder

Realize this: what you observe on any given day at the gym is like reading one page of a book. One page doesn’t tell the whole story. Not every example should be emulated. What you may never know is how long an individual can sustain what he or she is doing or the condition of the body 30 years from now. Fitness means different things to different people and athletes may go beyond what is healthy for the sake of achievement. Love your unique journey. Moderation and consistency will take you far. Add perseverance to the mix and you’ll be unstoppable. You are a work in progress.

Gym Gloves Could Stop You Picking Up Harmful Bacteria In The Gym

Most of us simply don’t think to wipe down the surfaces that we actually take hold of with our hands and this could be one of the biggest factors responsible for passing around many types of germs and bacteria from person to person. But there is something that you can do in the gym very easily, read on to find out more…

Muscle Toning 101

Frustrated with your body and trying to get that toned look for years. This article will expose why you have been doing all wrong for all of these years!

Beginners Jump Rope Workouts

The 5 best speed rope exercises for beginners that provide a good physical workout despite their simplicity. If you only do these easy steps you will still gain enormous benefit to your fitness and weight loss.

10 Key Benefits of Getting in Shape During Grueling Winter Months

For most, trying to get in shape prior to Christmas or at the beginning of the New Year can be a grueling task and one which poses a big problem for people kicking off their new diet program. However, the benefits of getting in shape during the winter you could argue far outweigh those of exercising during the warmer months.

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