Got Jalapeños? Try These 4 Vegan Recipes!

Nutrition Tips For Bodybuilding

Nutrition is very important. It’s even more important when you are weight training. Your body needs more quality food that addresses certain macro nutrients. The three biggest things you are going to want to make sure your body gets enough of are Fats, Carbs, and Protein. The quality of these nutrients is important as well.

Endurance Training Nutrition – The Warrior’s Shake

Along with the physical preparation one needs to put themselves through in order to excel at an endurance event, it is also imperative to have the optimal foods in your body to provide quality nutritious fuel that will give you a competitive edge. Ideally, while everyone else is running on regular gas, you want to run on the ultra super premium stuff. This high energy fuel can be quickly created via some quality ingredients and a blender.

Ten Reasons to Squeeze Your Wheatgrass

You may not be one of those “health-nut” type people that would do something like growing and juicing your own wheatgrass but neither was I. Once I realized the immense benefits for myself I was more than happy to join the club.

Healthy Juicing Recipes, How To Blend A Healthy Fruit Juice

Strategically blending your own juice is a way to ensure that it deals with the areas of health that you want it to. There is no more effective way to improve your health.

Are There Benefits To Using Coconut Oil?

There is a lot of talk about coconut oil. How much of what you read is fact and how much is junk? I have been using coconut oil for a few years and have found it has many benefits. In this article I will tell you what I have learned, first hand. Coconut oil is amazing!

Best Diet Protein Shakes – The Greatest Benefit in the Shortest Time

Best diet protein shakes are those things that we search for when we want to eat healthy but don’t have the time to produce a full healthy meal. There can be other more beneficial advantages than just saving a little time.

Another Juicing Benefit, How About A Natural Facelift?

A natural face lift, is that possible. It turns out that many juices have properties that affect your skin in good ways. Using these juices over time will in fact give you a natural face lift.

Natural Juice Recipes For Health, How To Lower Your Blood Pressure And Other Numbers

What is the best thing you can do for improving your health without ever visiting a doctor? The answer is simply to add juicing to your diet. You can pour tons of nutrition into your body in this way.

Combat Holiday Weight Gain With Some Simple Recipe Modifications

Traditional holiday recipes are often laden with fat, sugar and calories. Some simple modifications to your recipe can lead to a delicious tasting dish while avoiding holiday weight gain.

Digestive Enzymes – Health 101

Poor nutrition is the epicentre of virtually every disease. We are what we eat, digest & absorb. An error many make in health is thinking because we ate something – we absorbed the nutrition, a very unreliable assumption. Age, poor food choices, certain medications, alcohol, smoking, lack of physical activity are all too common – and sabotage the body’s potential for full digestion & absorption. A misdiagnosed use of antacids, popping them haphazardly & incorrectly is another serious culprit with digestive health. The symptoms of high stomach acid that make people pop antacids are very similar to the sensation felt by low stomach acid. Antacids are not to be taken flippantly, our stomach acid is another critical step to proper digestion.

The Benefits Of Juicing, How To Tap Into Them For Great Health

Learn the secrets of fresh juice, how it can enhance your health and bring you benefits that you will not believe until you experience them. The power of juicing is real and you can experience it in your life.

Snacks and Treats: Indulgences and Punishments

Live like you choose to live but don’t lie to yourself about your food choices- or euphemize how you refer to them. Use accurate words to describe what you’re eating. Most treats and snacks are really indulgences. It matters what you call them. Re-define and re-identify the “treats” and “snacks” in your life because the words you use don’t just reveal what you think- they create what you think. Treats provide delight and joy. If at the same time they are an impediment or obstacle to good health then the word “treat” seems a poor fit. Punish yourself with indulgences if you must but don’t tell yourself it’s “treating.”

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