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How Will A Gym Membership Help For The Holidays?

Just because you love to take brisk walks and hike trails does not mean that can be your only source of fitness all-year long. If you live in Toronto, you know that the winter season can be brutal. As the snow falls, your running terrain disappears and you have to stay indoors to build your heart rate and burn off calories.

A Review of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

When it comes to losing unwanted fat in particular areas of the body, fat stored around the stomach or belly can easily be said to be the most difficult to shed. The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary has been specifically designed to help individuals combat and overcome this difficulty. The author of this program, Mike Geary, holds a Bachelors of Science degree and is also a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Get a Six Pack: How to Guide

You much like me have probably tried every gimmick from ab rollers to fat burners to doing 1000 crunches, or so it seems. But none of these methods actually get you that lean sculpted mid section that we all desire. The more money we spend on useless crap the less the results seem to show up. Trust me I have spent hundreds of dollars on fat burners thinking that they are going to work to help me get lean and ripped. In the end it was never the fat burners that got me to go from 268lbs of a Jell-O mess down to 190lbs and 7% body fat. It took some serious work.

Nitric Oxide Chemistry

Nitric oxide is a hot topic amongst those interested in nutrition and exercise. Although a small molecule it has multiple and varied functions in the human body. Most of these functions are unknown to the general public and as a result we have an entire industry built on products that claim to augment nitric oxide production. In a series of article we will discuss the chemistry and actions of this remarkable gas.

NICE: 4 Principles of Getting and Staying Fit

In trying to think up an elevator pitch answer to questions like “How do I increase my fitness?”, or “How do I get fit in the first place?”, I boiled it down to 4 points: Novelty, Intensity, Consistency, and Enjoyment (NICE!) You need to keep doing new things, work out at a challenging intensity, exercise regularly over time, and have fun!

Should All Americans Wear a Wellness Pedometer and Get 10,000 Steps a Day?

Yes, all Americans should wear a wellness pedometer and get 10,000 steps a day. Why? We are fat, lazy, and out of shape. We watch too many videos and our “play time” is often sedentary. We are like pond water. Stagnant!

Training or Working Out?

The first time I brought up this subject, I could not believe the tremendous number of people who took offense to it. Offending or causing trouble is never my intention, but that seems to be the inevitable consequence of going against the flow. Nevertheless, it helped many open their eyes and fine tune their approach so here it is again.

27 Stern But Awesome Fitness Tips

Whenever I do presentations on the topics of exercise, fitness, and strength training, I always run into the same inquiry: “I love the information! Is there a way you can put the most important points together?

Summer Time Exercise

It’s been a long cold winter and as the weather warms up from Spring to Summer, we like to shake off that long and persistent cold chill by going outside and enjoying the sun. It is important to exercise all through the year, but since summer time is the season where most people get over those winter blues and get motivated again to work out let’s talk about some easy exercises anyone can do.

Some Quick Workouts To Improve Natural Movement Of Muscles

Our body is made to perform a number of natural movements. These are Squat, lunge, bend or pick up something from ground, walk with weights, push, and fast movement. Our earliest ancestors had to use these movements for various purposes in their daily life. It was impossible to lit fire without squat. They had to lunge during hunts, carry prey animals on shoulder. Today our lives don’t require these natural movements any more for survival. But there can still be many complications if these seven natural movements are not performed properly. Construction workers, parents must bend properly. Athletes can inflict severe injury there lunge is not perfect.

My Senior Exercise Program

I have been reading a number of articles about suggested exercise programs for seniors and I finally decided to discuss my exercise program. I should remind my readers that I am a senior so I think I can discuss this subject with, at least, some intelligence and experience. Before I discuss my program I must strongly suggest that any senior beginning or changing their exercise routine should discuss the program with their doctor first.My program is rather simple but I think is is effective, at least for me.

Fitness – You Will Do It

Fitness can be a bit of a mind game some times. If you want to be fit, lean, buff, ripped, pumped, built, or shredded there is one thing that beats every other program, diet, workout, or supplement. That one thing is consistency. If you are consistent, if you are dedicated to getting fit you will find a way to do just that!

Martial Arts Fighting Fitness Challenge 1: The 6 Lap Sprint

Ready to jump on board with us to get in shape? Each week you can test yourself in one of our fitness challenges. Design your workout around these challenges for motivation. If you have trouble setting serious fitness goals, let us offer some inspiration. And if you have an interest in martial arts you will find these challenges perfect for helping you become the best martial artist you can.

Common Fitness Myths Exposed

He looked up to see Hercules standing over him. “Well,” Ares said, “this day is looking up. I was just thinking to myself that I needed someone to punch.”

The Best Sunglasses For Sports

Anyone who plays sports or simply spends a lot of time outdoors knows that good sunglasses are an essential item. Constant squinting not only damages your eyes but it interferes with your game. Whether it’s golf, tennis, water sports or hiking, making sure you have the best kind of sunglasses with enhance your enjoyment. Below are some of the best sunglasses for sports and the outdoors.

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