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Meal Planning Ideas For Lean Muscle [Part 2]

Now this time you’ll get a look at some actual healthy meal plan ideas… You want to make sure that you’re eating whole, natural foods as often as possible. Which means you should be preparing your meals from scratch and staying away from the microwave dinners.

Meal Planning Ideas For Lean Muscle

First, it helps if you create a food journal. That way, you know exactly what you’re eating every day. Secondly, you can keep track of your calories and macronutrient levels by…

How to Add 10lbs of Muscle to Your Body in a Month

To add up to 10lbs of muscle or more to your body in a month there are a few things you must do. It is possible to add this much in a month if you follow some proven and effective methods. You must stick with these and diregard all things that don’t work to your advantage. Follow the guidelines in this article to pack on 10lbs or more of muscle in as little as a month.

How to Progress More in Your Muscle Building Workouts

Progression is the ultimate key when it coming to consistently building muscle mass. The more your progress the stronger and bigger you will become. Progression means you are growing and is a great way to track whether what you are doing is effective or not. This article will explain ways of making sure you progress at the optimal speed week per week, for the most muscle gains.

The Importance of Protein When Building Muscle

Protein is by far the most important food you must eat when it comes to building muscle mass. Everyone knows it is the number one thing for muscle growth. But, why is it so importance, what the best foods to eat and how much and how often? This article will explain the importance of protein when building muscle.

The Idiot’s Guide To Muscle Building Explained

Building muscle mass and a lot of it doesn’t have to be a complicated set of formulas and equations. It has been so over complicated with all the conflicting ideas and methods out there, no wonder the average guy looking to gain muscle weight is so confused about what to do. This article will give you the raw principles to gaining muscles mass, a basic guide that works.

Pack It On, Designing a Work Out to Gain Weight Fast!

Are you a hard gainer who has trouble packing on the weight? Is your metabolism burning through calories faster than you can pack them in? Slowing down a fast metabolism can be a challenge, and gaining quality weight can be dependent on two key factors – your nutrition and your workout! Now gaining weight, as discussed here is referring to that of lean, quality muscle weight. After all, who wants to put on fat weight, when you can optimize your nutrition and workouts to gain muscle!

How Much Muscle Mass Can You Realistically Gain in a Week?

The amount of muscle mass you can realistically gain in a week is mainly determined by your individual genetics and previous training background. However, other factors that you can have a effect upon will change the amount of muscle mass you are able to gain per week. This article will discuss some of the factors that affect how much muscle you can gain per week.

What Are the Best Foods to Eat After Your Workout – To Feed Your Muscles?

Building muscle is all about providing your body with the right stimulation, through workouts, and the fueling growth with the rights foods, through a well planned diet. Eating the correct foods around your workout is vital, this is the time when your body needs to most nutrients to recover and grow from the intense workout. This article will tell you the best foods to eat after your workout.

The 2 Best Carbohydrates to Eat For Muscle Building and More Energy

Carbohydrates can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to building muscle. With the wide array of carbs we a given there are so many to choose from it can be confusing which are the best to eat for optimal muscle gains. This article will reveal the 2 best carbohydrates for ultimate muscle gains.

Why Am I Not Gaining Muscle Mass? 5 Reasons You May Have Hit a Plateau

When it comes to building muscle there are many variables. When you first start out pretty much anything works, you build muscle relatively easy. Then after a few weeks your body catches on and you have to start thinking about how to train and eat to really pack on long term muscle mass. Everyone hits plateaus, it is how we overcome then that counts. Here are 5 reasons you could be struggling with adding more muscle.

How to Go From Skinny to Muscular Through Proper Training and Diet

Bulking up and adding muscle mass to a skinny frame is a large task, but is definitely possible through the use of a proper training and diet plan. The problem is knowing how to train effectively and what food to eat to recover and grow from this training. This article will explain the most effective training and diet methods for going from skinny to muscular in the quickest time possible.

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