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Get Healthy Now!

When asked about the state of your health do you say it’s good, better than good, perfect? Or do you often get sick and easily get tired after doing physical activities? Just because you don’t need to go to the hospital or consult a physician when you get sick doesn’t mean you have a healthy body.

Application of Strength to High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a highly effective method for cardiovascular conditioning and fat loss. Strength training can be a positive addition to routines using HIIT due to the benefits of adding lean muscle mass and the kettlebell is an ideal tool for supplying a number of innovative exercises which when included in HIIT routines provide the strength training component.

Home Exercise Program

Putting together a home exercise program can be a little bit overwhelming if you don’t have a clear set of goals laid out in front of you. Take a commonsense approach and commence with increasing your current fitness level in little steps. Don’t try to do everything all at once.

Ab Workouts At Your Desk

Tired of sitting all day? Check out these great ab workouts for your desk-ridden hours!

Double-Under Wrist, Rope, and Jump Coordination Explained

The Double-Under can be easy or hard based on your level of coordination. The right amount of time and technique changes can make all the difference to bring you success. Understanding the rhythms of your body in conjunction with your rope will increase your consecutive double-under count significantly.

Beating a Workout Slump

A workout slump is a common problem for regular exercisers. Even the most motivated of us can sometimes start to get a little bored with our fitness regimes. When this happens we start to get a bit lazy and might even start skipping a workout here and there. Especially as the weather starts to get a little cooler and people spend more time indoors, going to the gym or going for a run can tend to take a back seat to other more sedentary pursuits. Add to this the fact that maybe you’ve been doing the same workout over and over again, and you are likely to find yourself facing a workout slump.

Exercises for Abs: The Best Ones

What exercises will work for you depends on what you want to do with your abs. Like millions out there, if you are looking to get the visibility in your abs, you will have to first burn the fat sitting on top of your abdominals. Diet, thus would play a crucial role not only in causing quick weight loss but also in achieving a firm midsection. However, just cutting down fat won’t do the trick either. If you want a strong core and want that ripped look in your tummy, you will have to do a lot of exercises for your abs. In this article, we will talk about some of the best exercises for abs that can help you get a lean and ripped tummy.

Kettlebell Workouts for Women

Women are adopting the use of kettlebells at a very rapid pace, because kettlebell workouts for women produce results faster than most any other fitness discipline. Let’s take a look at why this is so. How can it be that a lead ball beats out a circuit training machine or an aerobics class for weight loss and muscle development? Don’t get me wrong, I am not denigrating circuit machines (like Nautilus or Life Fitness Machines) or aerobics classes. But, adding kettlebell workouts to your fitness plan will accelerate your results.

Crossfit: A Highly Effective Program For Weight Loss

If a person wonders whether Crossfit workouts are an effective routine for weight loss, look no further than the armed forces. In fact, the Army, Air Force, and even the Navy S.E.A.L.S. use Crossfit training techniques extensively. When is the last time you saw an overweight soldier, pilot, or S.E.A.L. for that matter? Although Crossfit workouts are effective a person should be warned of their intense nature. If a person wants to see the promise then they must be willing to pay the price.

Tai Chi: A Healthier, Happier Way Of Life

In order to live a healthy, happy life, you need to incorporate healthy eating and positive activities, but as importantly, you must incorporate physical activity to keep your body strong and whole. Tai Chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial art not only helps strengthen your body, but also your mind.

Get Great Abs Without Exercise!

There is no one single secret to eliminate the famous love handles around the abdomen, it’s a combination of factors. Of course, the typical response of total body training with high intensity aerobic interval training and proper nutrition are keys to long term success, but there are other techniques to burn belly fat.

Fitness – Injuries

Whether or not you are committed to fitness, injuries are going to happen. I often find that those who are unfit tend to get injured more often, especially as they get into their late 30’s and above. I also find that the unfit get injured more severely and take a longer time to recover.

A 20 Minute Workout Works, But Only As Much As You Do

Yes, the 20 minute workout can do that. Depending on the intensity of your 20 minute workouts, you can get in a little better shape or you can get in phenomenal shape. The great thing about it is that it’s only 20 minutes long. I know you can spare 60 minutes out of your weekly schedule for a bit of life changing, body changing exercise.

Run a 5K Even If You Have No Time

Are planning to run a 5K but have no time to workout? Use these strategies to accomplish your goal of picking up running and finishing your first 5K run.

Ab Workouts After Pregnancy

Wanna get back in shape quick? Try these great ab workouts!

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