How He Deadlifts 3X His Bodyweight! (THE PLAN)

Physical Activity For Online Students

In this article I will answer how many times a week you should exercise. I’ll also provide some easy ways to exercise at home. I’ll explain why online students should exercise. Finally, I will talk about how long you should exercise each day.

Fitting a Home Gym Into Your Living Room

Creating a home gym is something that can greatly help you to get into shape and stay that way. If you have struggled to stick to training routines in the past then no doubt this will have been at least partly due to pressures on your time and your energy.

The Benefits of Purchasing An Electric Bike

There are many reasons why to purchase an electric bike rather than a normal bike. It not only will help you save money on gas, it will help you keep physically fit.

Raise Your Testosterone Levels With Strength Training

Decreased levels of testosterone are responsible for a wide variety of problems in men and women. In both sexes it can result in a lowered sex drive, higher levels of body fat and increased risk for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease affecting the bones that cause them to become fragile and more prone to breaks and fractures. While it is unfortunate that many men and women experience low testosterone levels there is a way to naturally increase those levels. In this article I will explain what testosterone is and how you can raise the levels of this hormone to live a happier and healthier life.

Get On A Natural High

Endorphins, according to the American heritage dictionary, are any group of peptide hormones that bind to opiate receptors in the brain. There are 3 different types. Beta endorphins, found in the pituitary gland and enkephalins and dynorphins which are found in the nervous system. In layman’s terms endorphins are simply a hormone that releases during times of physical pain or physical exertion. Endorphins have similar chemical properties to morphine, without all the negative effects of that drug.

Why Is Exercise Important To Your Health

It is no longer news that regular exercise is not just good for your health but very important to your health. Exercise helps to reduce your risk of heart disease,diabetes and improves your overall health. This article will expose to more health benefits of exercise and why you should exercise regularly.

What Pilates Can Do For You

Be it a sports player, a regular office employee or a home maker, everyone at some point of time in their life suffers from back pain, joint pain or flexibility issues. One simple reason for all these problems is bad posture. One of the best ways to get rid of all these problems is pilates.

Dive Into a Weight Training Program

Both men and women should lift weights. Both can greatly benefit!

Oblique Workouts – Why They Should Not Be Ignored

We all want great abs. The abdominals have fast become one of the most focused on areas in the modern fitness world but why are the desired results so difficult to achieve?

Exercise, Fat Burning, and Aging

One of the best things you can do for yourself is exercise. We have all heard this over and over however it is even more important to understand how age and exercise work together. This article discusses the importance of heart rate and fat burning.

Different Types of Grow Taller Exercises

Stretching exercises are said to be the most effective options for people who want to grow taller. You can do some simple stretching exercises to improve body posture and strengthen the core muscles. The stretching will also encourage the volume of the growth hormones as well as help the cartilage and bones to be more receptive to growth.

What Women Can Get From Strength Training

There was once this girl I knew who worked out a lot, doing cardiac exercises almost every day of the week for at least one and a half hours each day. She was not obese or even overweight but she did not have firm or toned muscles. Like many other women out there, she was slim but flabby.

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