How Heavy is TOO Heavy to Build Muscle??

Best Full Body Exercises for Weight Loss – Part 2

This is Part 2 of “The Best Full Body Exercises for Weight Loss.” You’ll learn some more great examples of full body exercises that burn fat and calories while improving cardiovascular endurance.

You Can Look Half Your Age With The Right Exercises

Whenever you see Tom Cruise in a new film, you are left wondering how he manages to look so young despite being 51-years-old. This is one of the reasons why he is so famous. It’s not just his stunts but his great shape that keeps him alive in the news.

A One Hour Workout Is 4% of Your Day

Remember the key point to take from this is the fact that a one hour workout may seem like a big chunk of time out of your day, but in hindsight it’s really only 4% out of the total 24 hours. If you absolutely cannot devote an entire hour block at one time, break it up into 2 thirty minute blocks or even 3 twenty minute blocks. By regularly doing this 4-6 times every week you will be getting 4-6 hours of exercise every week, or 16-24 hours of exercise every month.

Health Benefits of Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is something that everyone keeps getting told that they need more of. In these sedentary times, whether it is caused by entertainment, too much work, too much sitting around, or for whatever reason, people might wonder just why they need to exercise more.

10 Beach Games For Fun And Fitness

Fun games for the beach to keep you fit this summer. Outdoor activities to do alone or with a crowd. Stay active and get a full body workout with lots of fun games to keep you moving.

Get Off the Treadmill

If your exercise routine consists only of repetitive cardio training you’re missing out on most of the fun. Discover the diverse benefits of exercise and how you can improve your fitness, stimulate your brain, and enhance your life.

Walking for Exercise Is Super Healthy

I have been walking for my health for 40 years now. I began in March of 1974. My wife and I moved into the neighborhood in which we reside now with a lot of enthusiasm. I remember the second or third day after moving into our new home, I noticed several cars driving up in front of our house. The curious thing was that it was about 5 am in the morning. I also noticed that the men in the cars all went into the house next door. I thought to myself, what could this be all about?

Working Out With Sore Muscles – 4 Tips To Help Get You Through

Most people believe that when your muscles are aching from a hard workout the previous day, that there is not much you can do and that resting if the fastest way to get through it. This just isn’t the case. Take a look at these tips to get you back to full strength faster.

Got Knee Pain? Treat the Source NOT the Symptoms!

If you are reading this, you may have had knee pain or are looking for some exercises to prevent this condition. My essay is a basic corrective exercise approach to common knee pain usually caused by lack of ankle & hip mobility.

How Athletic Workouts Became the New Normal for Women

The 1968 release of Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper’s book, Aerobics, began the shift from disease treatment to disease prevention. Exercising, specifically aerobic exercise, became normal and led to such fitness trends as Jazzercise (1969) and aerobic dance (1970s).

Are You Ready For The Summer?

Time for camping, BBQs, evenings out, family activity days and holidays. The chance to make the most of the hot weather and lounge around by the beach or swimming pool topping up your tan.

The Important Of Range Of Motion In Weight Lifting

Personal trainer Llanelli Jamie Stedman talks about strategies to improve your training results. Range of motion has a big impact on your muscle building potential.

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