How To Build Your Biceps Fast 7 Exercises

Learn WHY You Haven’t Been Building Muscle

Is your body making the most of all the protein you’re consuming? Let’s face it: No protein, no growth.

CrossFit Workout and Powerlifting Strength Programs: Training Cardio and Bodybuilder Hypertrophy

There are millions of training articles and videos out there with only a fraction worth watching. Therefore, having a good summary of what is out there helps you save time. Having the results of hundreds of hours of research and hard work can be useful in presenting the most relevant information back. Whether you are an athlete, crossfitter or bodybuilder, all these videos are very interesting stuff.

Best Chest Exercises for Mass

A strong chest is important for overall health and fitness, as well as looking great! To achieve a killer chest, you need to be doing some key exercises. This article explains which exercises you need to be doing and why they’re so good.

Tips to Get the Perfect Bum

Let’s face it, everyone likes to look at a lovely bottom, and with cosmetic procedures like buttock implants and sales of figure-shaping underwear on the rise, this obsession appears to be going nowhere. There are thousands of articles on the internet that are dedicated to improving your posterior. However, we wanted an article which focuses on healthier, happier lifestyle changes as well as giving you the ultimate butt. So, with this in mind. Here are our top ten tips to get the perfect bum.

Nutrition Plan for Muscle Growth

Learn how to eat for muscle growth. Build maximum lean muscle mass without adding body fat.

How to Build Muscles – Fitness and Health

When it comes to health, there is nothing but the finest thing one desires. Be it a food, clothing, living style or any health related product. There available a lot of health related products in the world but the athletes and sportsmen are much concerned about their health than any other person as they need to stay fit to perform in the field.

Strength and Powerlifting Importance in CrossFit Wod / Training Peaks for CrossFit Games

Whether you’re powerlifting for bodybuilding, preparing for a CrossFit wod or setting yourself up for your next training peaks at the CrossFit games, you need to lift heavy and safely. Heavy to maximize gains and safely to prevent injuries when competing. This is especially true in CrossFit where the intensity level is pretty much always skyscraping, but also in powerlifting and bodybuilding. Remaining injury free and performing humongous weight lifting is the ways Rich Froning and Arnold Schwarzenegger became their best self. And there are rules to follow! Check out these 5 ways to improve strength quality in your main powerlifting lifts: 1. Set-up properly (good powerlifting mechanics). 2. Visualize each rep: 3. Warm up, don’t fatigue: 4. Push the ground: 5. Work on your weaknesses.

Barbells Vs Dumbbells – What Is the Best Equipment for Building Muscle Mass?

Barbells and dumbbells are 2 essential pieces of equipment you will be using in the gym. Each piece of equipment works your muscles differently, learning the difference will help you build muscle mass and help avoid injuries along the way.

Best Workout Routines for Women

Be it a man or a woman; appearance matters a lot. Today, the trend of muscle building can be apparently seen all across the globe. The gyms in the cities or towns stand as a proof of how the people and especially the youngsters are crazy after muscle building.

5 Simple Bodybuilding Tips

See what you need to do to start building muscle and getting the body you want! Find out what to do about your diet, and when you hit a wall. You’ll be building muscle in no time.

5 Practical Ways for You to Boost Your Energy

We have all had our bad days. No matter how hard we wish that we would never have to deal with one, sooner or later we would have to face horrible days ourselves. On such days, we may feel stressed and tired, which is understandable when we consider the great deal of pressure that bad days put us through. Is there a way, however, which we can do to keep our bodies energetic even after a long and tiring day?

Everyday Hacks to Keeping Your Weight in Check

There are numerous ways to lose weight. Here we present a few. You will learn to improvise as you go along this path. Keep your motivation up for a successful weight loss journey.

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