How to Do Supersets to Build Muscle – For More Intense Workouts

Supersets are a great way to increase the amount of work your muscles are doing in a shorter period of time, therefore greatly increasing the intensity. Many people are confused about how to go about performing supersets in their workouts, this article will explain how to use supersets effectively for great muscle mass gains.

Basic Full Body 3-Day Muscle Building Workout Plan

The best way to gain significant amounts of muscle mass is through the use of an effective muscle building workout plan. Training your muscles is what stimulates muscle growth, without proper training set in place there will be little muscle growth as your muscles will have no reason to grow.

How to Build Peaking Traps

Are you struggling with building the perfect traps that you have always wanted? Do you want that muscular looking neck that you see athletes with?

Life of a Bodybuilder – Some Interesting Facts

In this article I cover some interesting facts about bodybuilding. This includes myths and other facts. If you’ve never worked out or are just curious about bodybuilding, check it out!

How And Why You Should Deadlift, The King of Mass Builders!

If you wanna add slabs of muscles to your body, then you can’t miss out the king of mass builders, the deadlift! What’s so good about deadlifting? Why deadlift? How do I do it? That’s what you’re going to find out in this article.

How to Bulk Up and Increase Your Muscle Mass in 4 Weeks

Bulking up is all about gaining as much muscle mass as you can in the shortest time possible. Through intense training and the intake of anabolic inducing foods you can pack on substantial amounts of muscle mass within only 4 weeks. Knowing what to do in order to gain this muscle can be tricky, this article will show you how to successfully bulk up in 4 weeks.

8 Muscle Building Diet Essentials – For the Best Recovery and Growth

Building muscle is all about having a great workout plan and an even better diet plan. Your muscles grow out of the gym, they need a great diet to give them the nutrients and energy they need to fully recover and grow optimally. It can be hard figuring out the best foods to eat for muscle growth, this article will reveal the 8 best muscle building diet essentials.

Eat a Dozen Eggs a Day to Skyrocket Your Testosterone and Muscle Gains

Eggs are a very powerful food in general, they are known as a super food, but when it comes to bodybuilding and gaining a lot of muscle mass they are the perfect food to have in your diet. The high protein content and nutrient dense yolk create a perfect food for increasing testosterone levels and gaining muscle.

How Weight Training Is Beneficial For Women

Weight training can play a great part in shaping a women’s body. This training will impart cardio benefits and also strengthen bones. Weight training will also burn up calories much faster and continue to do so even after the exercise session.

How Many Reps Should You Lift for the Fastest and Biggest Muscle Gains?

Building muscle is all about making sure you get every detail right so that when you put them all together you create a synergy that adds the most amount of muscle mass in the shortest possible time. This article will focus on the ideal number of reps for the fastest and biggest muscle gains.

Top 7 Body Building Myths

There is so much information tossed around in the body building world these days, and not all of it is correct. Here are some of the most common myths that are thrown around more than the medicine balls at your gym. More reps will bring more muscle…

Learning How to Make Your Arms Bigger

Have you been wondering how to make your arms look bigger? What you are going to find is that this process really isn’t too complicated. Instead, it will require just a little dedication on your part and following a few simple steps to get the groundwork going to get the arms of your dreams.

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