Foods With the Lowest Calories

You do not have to eat a lot of calories. There are many foods in all categories that bring low calories and can still be combined for a good meal.

Is The Glycemic Index Diet As Good As They Say It Is?

There are now over 30 years of research and proven case studies to support the research. When you make the glycemic index diet a lifestyle, your mental alertness and energy level will be at their peak. Also, your body weight will seek a natural level, your mood will improve, and you may find you have less of a problem coping with stress.

Healthy Lunch Options for Your New Years Resolution

As we start a new year many of us make the new year’s resolution of eating healthier. Here are a few options for your lunch to help you get going.

Low Calorie Recipes: Elegant Spinach Souffle

Traditional souffles made with eggs, milk and cheese are notoriously high in cholesterol, calories, and fat. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the classic souffle, try this easy recipe. It tastes so rich and decadent, you’d never guess the secret ingredient is tofu.

Types of Nuts For Healthy Eating

There are a lot of types of nuts with many of them possessing health benefits which you would be unwise for you to pass up. And by definition, nuts are the hardest-shelled fruits that come from some plants that have indehiscent seeds.

Low-Calorie Salad Dressing: Favorite Creamy Italian

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you may be eating lots of salads. The right dressing can transform your veggies from dull to delicious, but the vast majority of commercial dressings pack a caloric wallup which ranges from 90 to 120 high-fat calories per tablespoon. What’s a dieter to do? The answer is simple – make your own!

Low Carb Meal Recipes – How to Prepare

We live in a busy world. People with busy schedules often find themselves worried about unhealthy lifestyle due to regular consumption of unhealthy food and lack of exercise. Interestingly, most people today are not even aware of low carb meals which can give them healthy lifestyle if they follow a regular routine of consumption on a weekly basis.

Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat – Give Me 1 Minute And I’ll Give You Shakes That Make You Lose Fat

Belly fat is the common problem in men and women alike. Both men and women tend to start developing belly fat after the age of 30 mainly due to lack of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in today’s modern diets and inability to absorb them from foods loaded with unhealthy additives. Learn here the fastest way to lose belly fat and keep it off for good!

Healthy Pasta To Keep The Body In Shape

Pasta lovers dread the day that they may not be able to enjoy the delectable experience when enjoying a dish full of Fettuccine or Carbonara. Many people who indulge in a plate of pasta a day are well aware of the high carbohydrate content that this delicious treat contains. However, these individuals still continue to include this preparation in their day to day meals. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simply snacks, spaghetti eaters never fail to miss out a day without that cream-filled tasty recipe that will surely satisfy anyone’s appetite. There are however precautions to be taken into consideration before pushing through with a day to day pasta meal plan otherwise certain illnesses may be the consequence.

The Amazing Apple

“One day an apple keeps doctors away” is a familiar saying for most people. Indeed, apples contain many nutrients such as saccharides, organic acid, vitamins, minerals, polyphenol and flavonoid. Apples are named by scientists “all-around healthy fruit.” Then let’s find what health functions apples have to earn such a good name.

The Health Benefits Of Green Tea On Your Diet

A diet can have great results if you follow it while consuming plenty of fluids, and exercising daily. Not only does the consumption of excess fluids help to hydrate you, but it also speeds up the fat burning process. And while there are plenty of tricks and fad diets, one thing that has been proven to work is green tea.

Important Low Cholesterol Diet Recipes

The concept of low cholesterol diet recipes is not met with a lot of enthusiasm by the public. Many people think that adhering to such recipes will mean the end to most of the food that they love. But with the recent development in the food and nutrition industry, you can still have your favorite food, but prepared according to low cholesterol diet recipes.

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