How to Start Workout at Home (No Equipment Routine)

5 Tips to Build Explosive Muscle

If you are trying to build muscle, there are underlying principles that if you do them will take your results to the next level. Some people ignore them, but many people don’t even know about them. If you are not having the success that you want, then you need to be doing…

Gain Weight Without Belly Fat

Many people usually have two different types of goals in mind when it comes to get fit. There are some people that want to get rid of some unwanted belly fat and there are others who want nice muscle growth. The only problem is you can’t get both because the requirements are different for each.

How to Perfect Your Pectoral Exercises and Build Chest Muscle

Pectoral exercises are key to anyone who wants to build their chest muscles effectively, but there are some common mistakes that everyone seems to make. This article explains the right way to build your chest muscle effectively.

How to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Chiselled jaw line, broad shoulders, muscular build, facial hair, a deep voice, and a high cheek bone are just some of the handful of characteristics associated with a man who has high testosterone levels. In general they are a manlier man, somebody strong and healthy.

How To Build Muscle: Advice For The Average Guy

Building muscle tends to be challenging, unless you are a genetic freak who only has to look at a weight in order to grow. For the average person, it takes a lot of planning, hard work and determination to get a muscular body. Most people who are new to bodybuilding start out by doing the routines they find in muscle magazines. This usually is not a good idea, because these are meant for genetically gifted individuals, and will not work for most people. In this article we will look at what the average person needs to do to successfully build muscle.

Choosing the Best Exercises to Amp Up Your Muscle Building Program

Often, choosing what type of drills to include in your muscle building routine is dependent on what your goals are. Since each of these exercises have a specific purpose, it’s rather helpful to know their specific effect in terms of muscle development so that you’ll know can plan out your sessions more appropriately.

Build Muscle Fast – 7 Golden Steps To Gain Muscle Mass

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to building or attempting to build muscle fast is copying routines you come across with in magazines. Most of the guys you see there were born with superior muscle genes and didn’t have to train to land on the cover. So if you’re holding a magazine on muscle building right now, throw it out the window.

Important Things to Bear in Mind for Your Sandbag Workout Activities

Once you have created a sandbag of proper weight, hopefully making use of bags that are hard enough not to slit open and trash your floor in sand as you’re doing your workout session, you’ll have a superb material both for improved, quick aerobic programming as well as for muscle building and strength training. The method you set up the training sandbags is based on what your purposes are, so distinguishing those intentions precisely is the 1st elementary step towards creating a sandbag exercise grind.

The Best Workout for Increasing Bench Press

For men who want to learn how to increase their bench presses, it is very important to observe an effective and proper regimen, with the specific goal of strengthening the pectorals, triceps, biceps and the muscles of the shoulders and the upper back. The best way to accomplish this goal is by following the principle of “muscle confusion”. In muscle confusion, you perform reps of varying amounts per set or you perform more or less sets in a workout.

Kettlebell Exercises to Enhance the Abs

Read this article to learn the secret of why kettlebell exercises are becoming so popular. If you’re looking to develop the abs of your dreams learn about the two core exercises and why they work.

10 Myths of Bodybuilding Every Newbie Should Be Aware Of

Does getting fat really help build more muscle? Is creatine a steroid? Does more time in the gym means more muscle? Find out the truth behind these myths and avoid the HUGE road blocks they create to a lean and muscular physique. You’ll save yourself months or even years worth of mistakes and even sounding like a tool in the gym.

Guide on How to Build Muscle

Building muscle involves around 70% nutrition, 20% training, and 10% sleep. Overlooking any one of these will seriously jeopardise any muscle building plans you may have.

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