I Plank for 5 Minutes Every Day for a Month

Easy Lower Ab Workouts For Women At Home

Are you a woman looking for ab workouts you can do at home? Read this article for some amazing tips.

Tips to Avoid Hitting a Plateau in Your Strength Training Program

Exercise enthusiasts will be familiar with the phenomenon of a strength plateau. It is the time in your program when there are no more changes in your strength. It’s usually an indication that you need to change your routine to continue improving.

The Most Common Workout Routine Mistakes

No pain, no gain. That’s the old motto anyone who successfully followed a workout routine chanted in their head on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the average gym member quits after only six months, well before any results actually begin to show.

Warm Up and Cool Down in Training Programmes

Warming up and cooling down are frequently neglected in many training programmes. Time pressures make it tempting to skip a warm-up, but you do so at your peril. Warming up is essential because it gets your entire body set for strenuous work whilst reducing the possibility of injury as well as improving your potential to learn and develop.

Hub Pinching and the Plates to Buy to Practice Hub Lifting

In the sport and practice of Grip, one of the main disciplines is pinching. Pinching is the practice of lifting something holding together two or more things by pressing the thumb toward the fingers.

How To Find The Time To Workout

Time is usually the number one excuse for missing workouts, or not training at all. And as soon as you miss even one workout, the chances of you missing the next skyrocket. Still, sometimes no matter how hard you try, it seems like there’s no way to get in a workout.

How to Cure ADD! (Exercise ADD That Is)

What happens when out routine becomes too routine? I know you need to switch up your exercise every 7 days as your body adjusts to movement. But what happens when I’m bored after 7 minutes?

Aerobics: The Important Points To Know

Aerobics is a fun way to exercise and stay fit. Regular aerobics routine are generally low-labor work outs with dance being a prominent part of it. It is actually the dance and music part that makes it such a popular form of exercise.

Best Cardio Exercise For Weight Loss

We all know that to lose weight we should be doing regular cardiovascular exercises. But which exercises give the fastest results? and how often should you do them? I will answer these questions in the next few paragraphs.

What Are the Best and the Most Effective Belly Exercises for Women?

Have you tried out some of the best belly exercises for women before but nothing seem to be as effective? You should realize that besides exercise, there are a few other things that helps to get back in shape. Your lifestyle and what you eat also plays an important role to help you get back in shape.

Exercise at Home Without Equipment – Five Effective Body Weight Exercises to Blowtorch Excess Fat

If you simply want to get rid of those excess fat, then you can do it by exercising at home without any equipment. Here’s 5 alternatives you can do that will yield amazing result.

Are You Working Out or Doing Proper Strength Training?

There is a difference between those two. If you are just working out go to the gym once or twice a week and don’t really pay attention to what you are doing whatsoever. On the other hand Strength training is intense, frequent and focused on the results. Let’s look at them in more depth perspective.

Is the P90X Workout Regimen Really Effective?

A lot of people are asking whether P90X really works. And with good reason. This intensive exercise and workout program represents quite a sizeable investment, and it’s natural that you’d want to know whether or not it will help you lose weight and get in shape.

The Gym Mindset

I started paying attention to how I felt and what I was thinking when walked through the glass doors at my gym. I noticed a few things that kind of surprised me.

Seven Fitness Tips

We all know that our minds and bodies are inexorably linked. To maintain optimum health we need to spend a reasonable amount of time each day focused on our physical and mental well-being. What follows are seven fitness tips that you can use to strengthen your body which in turn will help strengthen your mind.

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