Lean Ground Turkey & Sweet Potato Skillet Recipe (High Protein/Low Calorie)

Pay As You Go Gym Membership As An Antidote For Expensive Annual Contracts

Wouldn’t it be great if there were self-service gyms? With pay as you go gym memberships, you can choose when and for how long to use your gym – no contract needed!

How To Come Up With A Home Exercise Program That Will Keep You Fit

Almost everyone understands the importance of working out on a regular basis, even without enrolling in a gym. Remaining active and burning the excess fat in the body goes a long way to keep people healthy and to improve their self-esteem, since most people who are overweight are prone to life threatening complications such as heart attacks and strokes. Most people who are overweight go around feeling bad about how they look, assuming that everyone around them is talking about their excess weight and calling them ‘fat’ behind their backs, a situation that is sure to affect their…

Stretching 101: Don’t Overlook This Critical Component of a Healthy Lifestyle

At a few points during your workout it’s important to stretch. There are varying opinions on how much and when you should stretch, but nearly all trainers agree it’s an essential part of a fit lifestyle. Some have even called stretching the third pillar of fitness, ranking alongside strength and cardio training.

Thank God For Square Footage And Housework

Never in my life have I been as inactive as when I lived in the tiny house. Extra square footage used to mean luxury and privacy to me. Now it means an easy way to get exercise andmovement- ranging from gentle to highly energetic. Even though I kept up my normal exercise routine while I lived in the tiny house I spent more time motionless than ever before. That living experience changed my life forever. Here’s why: I used to take for granted the exercise value of moving around in the square footage of one’s home but now I look at square footage as a type of fitness equipment. The natural movement of moving about the house as one’s day unfolds has real value. Movement and exercise doesn’t have to be all huffing, puffing, and jumping while sweating.You could start to become fit without making a big “life changing” deal about it.

A Sexy, Muscle-Toned Body – As Simple As ABC!

When was the last time you got dressed, took a look in the mirror and thought “Wow! Look at that shape – I look hot and sexy!” If your answer is “never” or “since I was a teenager” or “just before I had my first baby”, then don’t despair.

Cushioned Running Shoes May Not Lower Injury Risk

Do cushioned shoes help prevent running injuries? A recent study suggests they don’t.

Adidas MiCoach Review

A quick review of the Adidas MiCoach app for your phone. Goes over the key features and why its a good app to download.

The Importance of Training Your Core and Glutes

Your Core & Glutes are the “CRUX” – the largest muscles at the center of the body. They are the intersection of all the body’s movements and when strengthened and toned by exercise keep our bodies healthier and less prone to injury and pain.

Natural Pain Relief: Three Exercises to Rehabilitate a Rotator Cuff Injury

Natural Pain Relief: Three exercises to help rehabilitate a painful rotator cuff injury. These easy exercises will help to relief pain and can be done frequently.

Why Walking Works

Are you a walker? Or have you yet to discover the many benefits of walking? This article will give you the motivation you need to make a change that will enrich your life.

Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Exercise

The westernized world is pretty unhealthy. I come from Wales and more than a quarter of all over 40’s are obese. We are also an ageing nation, with around 45 per cent of us being over 45 years old.

Exercise Band Workouts – Starting From the Top

A description of exercise bands is provided as well as some reasons why exercise or resistance bands are a great way to get fit. Some advantages are covered along with pointers for the beginner or novice level individual looking to get fit. In this article terminology used in the exercise world is discussed as a starting point for the beginner.

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