Virat Kohli Workout Routine – 5 days a week | Perfect for begginers? Let’s find out.

Virat Kohli Workout Routine

  • Exercising regularly has become a priority in Virat’s life.
  • He works out 5 days a week in the gym and takes 2 days off.
  • He keeps his workout simple including basic exercises that provide him fitness and the major focus is on leg muscles.
  • He starts by warming up which includes running, sprinting, and a couple of cardio exercises.
  • Warm-up is really important as it gives you the strength and stamina to pull off the rest of the workout more powerfully and efficiently.
  • Being a cricketer, Virat focuses more on his lower body strength than his upper body.
  • His main workout includes weight lifting, squats (as much as 100 in one set), and cardio.
  • Leg strength is necessary for fielding and running between the wickets.

    Virat Kohli’s Diet Plan

    As we all know through his interviews, Virat is his mamma’s boy. He loves nothing more than a fresh, home-cooked meal prepared by his mother. Virat is not a person who would reduce his diet because he loves food. When you are eating homemade food, you don’t have to restrict yourself. It’s the junk you need to cut out on.

    • His meals are loaded with protein which is required for body strength in the field and during the workout.
    • Eggs and Pulses compose his everyday protein meals.
    • He takes his protein shake before the gym. His favorite protein foods have to be salmon, sushi, and lamb chops, healthy and tasty.

    He also remembers to drink a lot of water to keep him hydrated and his immune system strong. He eats fresh fruits and salad between his meals. He does not cut out much on food except for junk. He avoids junk and fried food as often as possible but a cheat meal once in a long time is alright.

    Some tips from the man himself include no smoking and controlled drinking and these things are a distraction that will not let you move forward towards your goals. Just eat healthily and exercise regularly and it’s a start towards building a healthy lifestyle.

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