MUST TRY Asian-Inspired Noodle Recipes 😛

Healthy Meal of the Week 3 With Healthy Leftover Idea

This is a great recipe that is simple to make and tastes superb! It’s going to seem like a fancy restaurant type meal without the fancy restaurant price tag. Plus, if there is food leftover, you not only have the option to take the same meal portion of roast, potatoes, and carrots, or you can cut the leftover meat and mix in with a 1/2 can of chili and you’ll have a quick meal to go.

Healthy Meal of the Week 2 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Here’s a healthy meal along with a great tasting healthy leftover idea your family will love. A serving of ribs at 247 calories each, add to the meal a cup of mixed vegetables, no butter, for only 50 calories and a salad no croutons with fat-free Italian dressing for another 75 calories, water to drink or other 0 calorie beverage, and you now have a meal that weighs in at only around 375 calories!

Healthy Meal of the Week 1 With Healthy Leftover Idea

This is a great tasting, easy-to-make, healthy meal that your family will love. Best yet, each appropriate sized portion (key to healthy eating) is only 403 calories – salad included! For a healthy leftover meal idea to change it up a bit, a 3 turkey meatball whole wheat wrap complete with cheese and pasta sauce.

Welcome to the World of Mushrooms: A Delicious and Healthy Food!

Mushrooms are a delicious addition to people’s diets, and have many surprising health benefits. They are a versatile food that can be used in many soups, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, stews, nutraceuticals, and supplements. Research has shown they can help lower cholesterol levels, protect diabetics from infections, help prevent against breast and prostate cancer, help with weight loss, improve bone health, stimulate the immune system, reduce blood pressure, increase iron absorption, and are great suppliers of potassium, calcium, riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin D, and selenium.

Best Protein for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Protein is essential for proper nutrition. Learn more about the best protein to include in your diet to lose weight or to optimize your nutrition.

What You Eat Can Also Keep You Cool In The Summer!

It can be hard to keep your cool in the summer heat. However, if you choose your foods carefully, your summer eating plan can actually help you to keep cool. And the good news is, most of the foods that help to keep you cool are also low in calories and fat!

Kaniwa, the Grain Like Seed That Is Gluten Free

Kaniwa is really gaining in popularity after being mentioned on the Dr. Oz show recently. Whether you’re looking for an alternative gluten free grain, or you’re just looking for a new nutritious side dish to serve with dinner for the family, kaniwa is definitely a food item worth trying since it is quick to make and is known as a superfood that offers significant health benefits.

Diet or Full Fat?

Ever wondered which is better for you, diet or full fat? This article gives you an insight into the food and drink that you consume and what effects each has on your body.

Don’t Like Bean Salad? This ‘Confetti Bean Salad’ Recipe Will Convert You!

I have always liked bean salad. Then, Mark gave me a ‘Canada Cooks: Salads’ recipe book for Christmas one year. The first recipe I tried was their ‘Multi-Bean Salad’ and, after a bit of tweaking of my own, I loved it! It also became a family favorite. Even my veggie hating son, Stuart will actually eat this…

Frozen Fruit Treat Maker Helps Conquer Sugar Cravings

If you’re dieting, cutting down on sugar or diabetic, sooner or later the sugar cravings monster will come to get you. The best, healthiest solution I’ve found for one sugar deprived desperate diabetic is a frozen fruit treat maker. Just frozen fruit churned and pressed into an iced treat with nothing else added. And guess what? Kids reluctant to eat fruit, well they can’t get enough of these!

The Fig (Fiscus Carica L)

At the beginning of time the fig has covered body parts. On the other side of the coin, the fig is a wealth of nutrition. Learn more…

The Dangers of the Artificial Sweetener Mindset

While table sugar and artificial sweetener can have physical affects that accompanies over consumption the emotional effects are often overlooked. The term coined “Artificial Sugar Mindset” depicts what occurs when people who consume large amounts of artificial sweetener (usually in the form of diet soda) often think they have free reign to eat whatever they want! This can lead to over eating and weight gain!

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