What Are The Benefits of Doing Weights to Increase Muscle Mass?

While aerobic exercise is ideal for people who are overweight, it may not be the best solution to maintain the desired weight long term. One hour of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise can burn about 300 calories and the same, if sufficiently severe, can raise your metabolism for hours after the activity. Unfortunately, this effect is caused on the metabolism of short duration and not particularly aerobic activities are characterized by increased muscular volume.

Building Muscle – Lean Muscle Fast

We have all been there before, hitting the gym 5-7 days a week, morning and night just trying to build muscle. But is this the best method? Let’s take a tour to see if vitamin supplements and protein shakes are the best source of protein to bulk up. Are protein powders just a gimmick or do they really help build muscle and size? Are protein bars really a healthy alternative when bulking up, or are they just another scam? Protein is vital to build muscle – I am going to give you a quick guide to why supplements can aid you to build that muscle fast.

What Does It Mean To Get Ripped For Real?

If you are here, you probably want to do something about your physical appearance. Maybe you want to reach that coveted state of “being ripped” – where your muscle details stand out in bold relief. Many people associate this state with body building or weight lifting, but with the current attention on physical fitness and appearance, the term has become part of the mainstream vernacular. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a full set of six-pack abs? That clear separation of abdominal muscles is the trademark of all really physically fit people.

Reasons Why To Transform Your Garage Into A Crossfit Home Gym

If you have been trying to transform your body and the old workouts you are doing are not delivering the results you would expect, consider the benefits of doing Crossfit exercises. Crossfit exercises are extremely popular because they will get you into shape in a shorter period of time.

Weighted Vests: A New User’s Guide

Weighted Vest guide If you want to get serious about fitness training, consider an adjustable weighted vest. This article gives you an idea of what a they are is, what they can do for you, what exercises are improved by wearing one and what to consider when choosing one.

How to Add 10lbs to Your Bench Press in 5 Seconds

Keep reading because you are about to find out how to add at least 10lbs to your bench press in under 5 seconds. That’s right, 5 Seconds.

What Is Strength Training, And What Does It Do For You?

Strength training is done by forcing your muscles to move against outside resistance. It has many health and wellness benefits and is easy and cheap to begin doing.

Barbell Complex Workout: A Quick Way To Put On Muscle And Burn Fat At The Same Time

It is difficult to picture a barbell workout as anything but your typical series of exercises like: bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. These types of exercises are part of a good muscle building foundation. However, if you really want to take your muscle building and fat burning to a whole new level you can get creative and use a barbell complex workout.

How To Build Chest Muscles Fast At Home

You can easily learn how to build chest muscles and this can help you to find a good workout that can help you to build this area of the body. The right workout can transform the chest area and this can help you to get in great shape. The chest area is often a problem area.

What Are the Potential Negatives With Whey Protein?

There seems to be little debate as to the benefits of whey protein. It helps in building muscle, protects the body against illnesses such as blood pressure and cancer, helps in battling degenerative illnesses, is used by expecting mothers for their child’s development, and can help promote weight loss. Certainly this is an impressive list of positive uses of the product for many people.

How To Get Big Arms Quick – Why Most People Do It Wrong!

I can tell you from someone who spent most of their teenage years as the skinny guy. That being stick thin is no fun. I could eat all day and still not gain weight. My friends called me spaghetti arms and bean pole.

The Speed Rules: Natures Unbreakable Rules for Getting Fast, Lean and Ripped

Nature doesn’t lie. If you take the right action then you will get the right results. There are rules to getting fast, lean and ripped that are ABSOLUTELY UNBREAKABLE and should be followed by everyone looking to increase their speed, improve their performance and get lean and strong. Here they are.

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