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The Top Four Tips For Double Kettlebell Squat Training

The squat is one of the most productive exercises when done right. Here is a list of the top four tips for getting the most out of it in your training.

Improve Athletic Performance by Correcting the Old Injuries

Are you willing to have a greater vertical jump and endurance? Or, do you complain frequently that you are unable to run at a fast pace? Then, you need to improve athletic performance, which is why you are lacking behind in sports activities.

5 Tips for the FiveFingers Newbie

If you are a runner and are tired of battling injuries, read on. Barefoot running has been gaining traction and may be the cure to your ills.

Parkour Moves – Parkour Training, Is This Martial Art?

Parkour Moves come from Parkour Training with the goal of obstacle avoidance in the natural environment. Can you apply Parkour as a Martial Art? What unique abilities does a Parkour expert bring to the martial arts?

Sitting Can Be Fatal

Many information age jobs require long stretches of sitting in front of a computer. Yet studies have consistently shown that hours of sitting is dangerous to one’s health. However, desk exercise allows one to work at a computer and still move.

Workout Exercises At Home For Women

Discover how to find your target heart rate for optimal weight loss. Find out how to long you need to exercise per week and per session. Also, how to begin an exercise program and what exercise you should you should do.

How to Choose the Best Workout Program

We have all ended up looking for the best workout program before. It’s tough enough to get encouraged to train without needing to search through a variety of books and magazines that all seem to say something different. What makes matters worse is that since most sites, magazines, and gurus are selling something how can we know what works?

Balance Exercise Building Blocks

Balance exercises are important to perform throughout our lives. Balance exercises can help enhance our athletic performance or keep us from falling as we age. Balance exercises are more than standing on one foot and need to be detailed by an expert in balance training, like a vestibular physical therapist.

The Barbell Row: Effective Variations

There are very few exercises that are quite as effective at exercising your latissimus dorsi muscles and building your back as the barbell row. On the other hand, it is one of the exercises I have identified to be more responsible for lower back injury than any other. This is because most people simply have no idea how to perform the barbell row safely.

I Don’t Want To Work Out Today

I’ve been struggling of late to get back into my regular schedule of working out. You see, six weeks ago I tore my rotator cuff. I was in an awkward position trying to turn a screw with a penny because I couldn’t find a screwdriver and I was applying too much torque when “snap”… Just like that. My bad.

Best Exercises For Rehabilitating Back Injuries

Of all sports related injuries, I personally find back injuries to be the most worrisome and the most debilitating. You never quite realise how important your back is until something happens to it. However, that being said, you can rehabilitate yourself back into form (no pun intended) by performing a few exercises which are known to strengthen the back muscles and really help rebuild the damage that would have been caused at the point of the injury.

The Truth About Abs: What You Need to Know About It

So many men and women want to get flat and muscular abdomens, but even all of their workout sessions just fail to give them what they asked for. Some people get tired of seeing no effective results, even though they go on a diet and exercise every day, so, they just stop all of their abdominal exercises and revert to their old ways, causing them to gain excess fat again around the waist. There are several ways to become fit nowadays, and one of the ways is by purchasing home DVDs, giving people a workout routine right in the comfort of their own home.

One Bad Habit That You Must Remove From Your Workouts

Yes, it may seem kind of blah with no real taste of its own. Yes, you will be correct in both your assumptions, but put that thinking aside because avoiding it will lead to under-utilizing your potential. The liquid we are talking about is water. Let’s discuss all the reasons why you want to make sure that you are drinking it.

What Is P90X?

Just what is P90X? P90X is, in my somewhat biased opinion, the best workout program in existence… period.

Benefits Of Exercise On The Heart

We all know regular exercise is good for the body… now new research finds benefits of exercise on the heart could help prevent heart disease even when you’re carrying more weight than ideal.

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