Plank Challenge for Flat Tummy

How Adding Two Largely Neglected Exercises Have Allowed Me to Gain 15lbs of Muscle This Year

2011 has been a good year so far! Why? Well it is mostly because I have already put on 15lbs. Most of it is muscle as I am very careful with my diet. Keep in mind that prior to this, I’d been struggling to gain even a single pound. For lack of a better word, I’d hit a seemingly insurmountable ‘plateau’.

Linear Versus Concurrent Periodization

The Soviets were determined to beat the West at just about anything they could, including proving that their athletes were superior to ours in every possible way. To achieve that goal, the Soviets invested a lot of time and effort developing new training techniques to help their athletes build bigger, more powerful muscles. Some of them were kind of crazy and fell by the wayside but a few of them have stuck around and actually spread to the West. Periodization – particularly Linear Periodization – is one of the Soviet weight training techniques that did have staying power and was adopted by Western bodybuilders.

Hormonal Responses of the Food You Eat

Instead of counting calories pay attention to the quality of your calories. It is important to note that not all calories are created equal. The truth is that different sources of calories will provide different results.

Muscle Gainer Products

I always get asked how to build up your muscle. There are certain products that, when combined with proper foods burning fat, have the ability to help you in your muscle gain. The best part, all of these products are over the counter, and you will not have to dish out $500 or more dollars for them.

Keep a Workout Journal and Watch Your Gains in Muscle Explode

Many fitness trainees make blind “guesses” at how efficient they must be during each training session. They do not apply their currently established patterns to set standards and strive to take them up a few notches. Recording your training results during every single workout by using a workout journal is an effective method that will produce tremendous results in the future.

Gaining Muscle Weight Is NOT a Mystery

How you gain weight is no mystery. You gain weight by consuming more calories than you burn off in the course of a day. The excess calories, if not used by the body for energy, muscle building, or some other metabolic process, is stored as body fat.

How to Get an 8 Pack

Obtaining an 8 pack might seem like an impossible task! But, it’s very possible when you recognize a easy system to use. We will show you the best way how to get an 8 pack. Scan this article now to seek out more.

Trouble-Shooting Your Hard Gainer and Muscle Building Status

Are your proteins going to waste or are they being used to build muscles? In fact, it is possible that your muscle tissue are being digested themselves to give the body energy, in those long and intense workouts of yours. Take caution, catabolism can keep you mark timing forever, and that is not genetics.

Finding The Right Workout Routines To Build Muscle

There are 3 golden rules to building muscle. Eat right, sleep right and exercise right. And most focus in the body building world is on the exercise rule.

How to Get Ripped – How to Keep Yourself From Getting Bored

So you want to get ripped, huh? Well, before that can happen you must already be working out and you must be already in shape. Now, if you’re not yet conditioned or if you haven’t been working out hard enough to get your body fat down to a certain percentage, stick with me as you can still get valuable information from this.

Body Builder’s Fat-Burning Cardio Workout Secrets

How would you like to learn the same techniques competition body builders use to shed fat prior to competition? If you’ve ever wondered exactly how the pros get super trim, to the point that every muscle stands out, then read on.

Tired of Your Muscle Building Routine?

Are you wasting time and money on Weight Training that isn’t getting results? If you’ve always wanted to be able to sort the good info from the mediocre and sometimes downright awful, then you’ve come to the right place.

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