Push Workout (Dumbbells, Barbell & No Bench)

Tips on How to Find the Best Fitness Gym

Nowadays, you won’t find a shortage of fitness gyms in most areas. While this provides consumers with options, it also makes choosing one more challenging than before. The best fitness gym is the one that offers what you’re looking for in terms of services, amenities, equipment, size, and so on.

Sports Injuries and Remedies

The most common forms of sporting injury are ones involving muscle, tendons and ligaments. Have a look at this list of common sporting injuries and learn how to avoid them and if necessary treat them.

LA Fitness Locations

Founded in the year 1984, LA Fitness is a US-based fitness chain with millions of members in more than 500 LA Fitness locations in United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The premier LA Fitness location was set up in Irvine (California) and it still functions as the leading fitness center in this vast fitness chain.

6 Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

Exercise – everybody has to do it, but no one seems to be able to find the time to fit it into a hectic schedule consistently. Exercise has many health benefits including making you look and feel better, increasing your energy levels and decreasing your stress levels. You can’t afford not to do it. Here are ten ways that you can use to fit exercise into your already busy schedule.

Top Fitness Apps You Should Have in Your Mobile Device

Fitness apps are available in just about any platform. It does not matter whether you are using a Blackberry or your mobile device is running on either iOS of Apple or Google’s Android. Thanks to fitness apps, you are guaranteed to stay fit even if you are working out of town and forced to make do without your regular personal training sessions.

Shape Up With Zumba

What’s Zumba? And why is it so popular? This article covers bit about the history of Zumba and some of the reasons why this Latin-inspired dance-workout has become all the rage around the globe.

Is Casual Gym Membership Ever Better Value Than The Monthly Gym Membership?

Well known concept in the fitness industry of “paying not to go to gym” is based on the fact that average customer uses their membership only twice per week. In light of that is casual gym pass a better option for the large proportion of fitness customers? When exactly is gym membership better cost option for the fitness service consumer.

Developing Your 5X5 Workout

In order to continue to see improvement, it’s important to adjust your 5X5 workout. Change helps to challenge the muscle groups for a bigger and stronger you!

Gym Etiquette – Tips for Getting Along in the Gym

Many gyms have unwritten rules or codes of conduct, but rarely will you find a set of rules posted in the locker room for everyone to read and understand. While every gym may have its own unique culture, I have put together 14 rules that I have found to be common to the gyms I have worked in (or worked out in).

Brisk Walking – A Perfect Fat Blasting Workout

By definition, a fat blasting workout is any physical activity or exercise that will help you burn calories (increase your calorie expenditure) and, this, will help you lose fat (or body weight). There are many types or kinds of fat blasting workouts. However, the most time-tested, recommended, easiest and simplest fat blasting workout is “brisk walking”.

Interval Training Workout for Fat Burning

Interval training workout is a combination of high intensity and low intensity exercises. This is very efficient and effective method to burn extra fat on your body. With interval training you can keep burning calories after long time although you stop exercises. This is amazing.

Seven Great Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Walking Workout

Walking is a great form of exercise. And it can be done by anyone anywhere. By following these seven basic tips you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of getting outside for a good walk and get the most out of this simple form of exercise.

How to Stay Fit Without Spending a Fortune

It doesn’t cost a fortune to get in better shape. Here are a few simple steps to get in shape without spending a lot of money.

Running With a GPS Unit During Competition

Is running with a GPS unit ethical during a marathon? We will explore the use of GPS in competition.

Too Big To Exercise? Think Again!

When you gain weight and stop exercising, it doesn’t take long to feel too big and out of shape to get back on the fitness wagon. Exercise is an even more terrifying prospect for those of us who have never worked out a minute in our lives. Fortunately, whether you weight 180 or 300 pounds, no one is too big to exercise. Provided a person’s doctor gives the OK to embark on a fitness program, anyone can get moving and start losing weight.

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