Slim WAIST and Shredded ABS in 14 Days

Body Building Supplies You Must Have

Body building is like any other project. If you don’t have the proper tools, you will not be able to get anything done. If your goal is to develop lean muscle for a well-developed body, then you must use the correct body building supplies.

Fitness in the Great Outdoors

As the summer draws to a close and the weather here in Wisconsin turns “chilly” (it was 36 degrees for my walk last Thursday morning), I find myself becoming depressed. Not swerve into an bridge abutment depressed, but still depressed. This year more than any other before I have had great outdoor workouts. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air, sunshine or just the limitless space, exercising outdoors is just better than training in the gym. Soon we’ll have 15 inches of snow on the ground and be confined in the gym for our training. Until then, here are some of my favorite outdoor training activities.

Mini 15 Minute Workouts Effectiveness

Fitting exercise into a busy schedule is a real challenge. To me the beauty of doing these short duration, mini workouts is the flexibility it provides. You can do almost anything, almost anywhere, as long as you reach an appropriate intensity level and fit in your workout. This means at home, to a video, in the park, between jobs, projects, running errands picking up the kids… the possibilities become much more tangible than trying to pack a bag and get to the gym for one hour or more.

Boot Camp Workouts Are a Fun Way to Workout With Friends

Fitness Boot Camp Workouts are becoming more popular every day around the world. I see signs for them everyday as I walk down the street. Many people are turning to boot camp workouts so they are able to workout with friends or start a workout where they can make friends.

The Anatomy of a Good Workout Plan

Most people wouldn’t know a good workout plan if it came up and bit them. Most people go to the gym, watch what other people do and fumble though their workouts. Their body shape never changes, they never get leaner, most don’t even look like they go to the gym, and that is even after years of going to the gym. If that’s you, then you really need to read this. Even if that’s not you and you think you have a good grasp on working out, read on, you never know what you may learn.

Following Your Flow: The Power Of A Mind-Body Fitness Practice

How do you find your flow? Learn more about the amazing power of a daily mind-body fitness practice.

An Ordinary Girls Guide to Fitness and Nutrition

My specialty is Make up and skin care, NOT fitness & nutrition, however, I have spent years working myself from a size 18 down to a size 10 simply down to fitness & nutrition. So the idea here is to give you a bit of a lowdown from a normal human beings perspective who likes the odd glass of wine and could quite happily trough my way through a whole packet of Jaffa cakes without it touching the sides! I’m going to tell you how I manage to live a fulfilled and fun lifestyle whilst keeping…

The Dangers of Walking on a Treadmill While Using A Laptop Computer

An employer in Florida is offering a treadmill in his office, for the purpose of providing his staff with exercise benefits while they are word processing on a laptop computer. As a qualified Occupational Therapist, I am warning people that this is not an acceptable idea; because both activities demand higher cognitive processing in the brain. It is not safe to perform both activities together and therefore will cause accidents to happen. Word processing should be completed while sitting and walking should be used as a leisure activity for the benefit of exercising the body.

Essential Information On How To Get Taller

It probably will not be surprised for many people to learn that greater height can mean increased social stature. While this is particularly true for men, it also bears relevance for women as well. Being short can make a person feel excluded, talked down to, and in general overlooked. Many people may be wondering how to get taller for this very reason.

Tips for Exercising With High Blood Pressure

Following a regular exercise routine is a great strategy for reducing your blood pressure. Your blood pressure is basically the amount of force your blood placing on the walls of blood vessels as it circulates throughout the body. Many people suffer from hypertension, which is the medical definition for elevated blood pressure.

Chair Yoga and Healthy Food

Staying fit is what everyone wants but is not easy. Work out, walking, jogging, diet, etc is not easy for everyone. Besides, this is not possible for everyone at every age.

Home Workout Routines: The Easy Way To Stay Motivated!

You have a couple home workout routines you want to try. You have the space, and you even picked up some dumbbells and a chin-up bar. You have everything any respectable home gym needs. Now, you’re ready to workout.

6 Reasons We Don’t Exercise

You don’t need to read another article on the importance of exercise and why you need to make it a part of your life. We all know that the United States has an obesity problem and we need to get moving and change the way we eat and live or die horrible obesity-related deaths while we watch our health insurance premiums skyrocket.

Fast Calorie Burning Lunch Hour Workouts

Burn calories during your lunch hour with 20 minute of stimulating exercise. You will lose weight, feel fit and have more energy for the rest of the day.

Strengthen Your Core With Fitness Ball Exercises

Get great looking abs, a strong core, firm butt and leaner thighs by using a fitness ball. A strong core improves your balance and posture. Add some fitness ball core exercises to your regular workout.

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