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How to Get a Slim Waist the Yoga Way

How to get a slim waist? This is a common question asked by a lot of people. With the rise of obesity and a load of diseases, people think that this is a goal that might be impossible. The truth of the matter is getting a slim waist is easy if you just adopt a healthy lifestyle and a sensible diet. This might sound like a small move but for some people, this is a life changer. They would need to overhaul their unhealthy diet and start pounding on the pavement right away. However, drastic change, say, in the diet, is bad so remember to start gradually using these following tips.

What Is Functional Fitness and How Does It Help With Weight Loss?

Terms like core strength and functional fitness are being flung around a lot these days. This article looks specifically at how functional fitness helps with weight loss and/or maintaining a healthy weight. The reader is encouraged to think outside of the box of conventional “workouts” and include a more diverse routine which implements functional fitness.

How To Make Workouts Fun: 7 Tips That Work!

Working out naturally produces endorphins, enhances your mood, and effectively sheds weight. Yet, some people avoid the gym like the plague. Why? Maybe it’s just not that fun. If your current workout routine has lost its appeal or you’re simply bored with it, try the following 7 tips to liven things up to rejuvenate your fitness goals.

Stretching Exercises to Increase Flexibility and Mobility

To maintain and improve elasticity, flexibility and mobility, you must do regular stretching exercises. Learn the general principles and some specific exercises here.

Benefits Of Heart Rate Monitor Training For Runners

Whatever your reason for running, you want to get the maximum health and fitness benefit. And, of course you want to reduce the risk of injury. Find out how heart rate monitor training allows runners to train smarter.

Yoga – The Perfect Pick Me Up

Do you have a lack of energy or motivation? Find an alternative solution to a very common problem. Read why Yoga can be the perfect fit on your quest for that added umf we all want!

Exercises to Avoid and the Safer Alternatives

It may seem odd that a professional trainer would write about avoiding any type of exercise but the truth is not all exercises are created equal. This does not mean that there are exercises that have no merit at all; it just emphasizes the fact that some variations are easier on our bodies plus you still experience the same results.

A Marathon Misconception – How to Train Correctly for Long Distance Running

Ever wondered why runners are so frequently injured? Are you planning on training for a marathon,triathlon or any other endurance event and don’t know where to start? An overview on the potential risks of long-distance running and how to optimise your training BEFORE racking up the miles.

Pull-Ups or Modified Pull-Ups for Your Upper Body Workout

Should you do pull-ups or modified pull-ups? The fact that about 85% of the population can’t do pull ups is one reason to think about adding modified pullups to your workout. Learn about the differences and why you might want to include them in your next upper body workout.

3 Effective Flat Tummy Exercise Routines You Should Follow

Have you ever tried relentless dieting yet ended up losing no weight? This is one question most overweight and obese individuals are guilty of answering because of the hurtful truth in it. Yes, oversized people are more convinced on skipping proper weight loss program and are opt to consider dieting. Needless to say, forcing yourself into dieting is not good and is dangerous. So, if this method ever crossed your mind, rethink once more and change your choice.

Nordic Walking – Setting Goals for Weight Control

Are you one of those people who enthusiastically takes up a new approach to control your weight only to flounder quickly? Maybe it is time to do things differently. This article provides tips about setting goals using Nordic Walking for weight control.

Walk Off the Bulge for Better Living

Sometimes in life it is the simple solutions that make the most sense. Take for example the simple yet effective idea of choosing to walk off the bulge to help one look better, feel better and lose a few pounds in the process. With the number of weight loss schemes, tricks and potions growing each day it is nice to know that there is a simple an effective way to peel off the pounds.

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