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7 Exercise Alternatives To Going To The Gym

We’ve all had those days that no matter how good our intentions are, we just can’t seem to get up and get to the gym. But don’t let it get you down – there are exercises you can do at home to benefit both body and mind. This article has seven different exercise alternatives for those days you just can’t make it to the gym.

Benefits of Functional Training

Functional training is a category of fitness regime that involves training your body to perform daily activities of life without any difficulty. It originated from rehabilitation. Since patients also come across the difficulty to move, physical therapists used to find its cure in functional training. In this situation, the overall objective of the patient was to get functional independence. Now this kind of training is widely used for everyone who wants to stay fit.

How to Get a Six Pack – With Nothing More Than an Old Towel and Some Paper Plates

You read right. You can get six pack abs using just an old towel and a pair of paper plates. Skip the expensive gym membership and workout at home!

Boost Your Testosterone Levels With Elliptical Training

Testosterone is largely considered a youth hormone that keeps your muscles and bones strong, maintains healthy fertility and sex drive, and maintains overall energy. Healthy testosterone levels also help the human body resist excess fat from accumulating. Exercise is one way of increasing your testosterone naturally and safely. However, not all exercise routines are as effective as others regarding testosterone production. So the question is, can a workout on an elliptical trainer effectively increase your body’s production of testosterone?

MMA Training Is an Outstanding Workout

You van burn 1000 calories or more with a MMA Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, is a full contact combat sport that originated in Ancient Greece. It is a combination of many sports such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate. Contests, or fights, took place in the early 1900s using various styles of combat with few rules, leading to numerous injuries. It was not until 1993, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, that the sport became safer. The UFC is the leading promotion company of MMA globally.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythological bird which burns, then rises up again from the ashes. Over the course of our lives we can model ourselves after the Phoenix, using the experience we gain from situations where we crash and burn and rise up again, better and stronger.

Avoid Bulky Legs: Must Bear in Mind Ideas For Women

One concern about weight lifting exercises for the lower body is that it might cause development of large bulky muscular tissues that give a masculine appearance. Weight training doesn’t always trigger your physique to look that way when you plan your workouts correctly, and that is wonderful information! Developing thickness in the lower body is undesirable, so you will need to learn the right method to monitor this.

Starting At Home Exercises – Tips for Preventing Muscle Soreness

There are a variety of reasons why for most of us our journey to a healthier lifestyle starts with at home exercises. For one it’s convenient, whether we want to start our day with an early exercise routine or end it with a late night workout at home exercises are perfectly suited for changing schedules or whims.

Exercise Program for Newbies and Returners

If you’re new to exercise or getting back in shape, this article is for you. Learn about your options and get details on each.

Achieve Weight Loss Naturally Through Jumping Rope

Achieving weight loss naturally is the goal of many health enthusiasts today. Although many people find it convenient to lose weight through surgery and pills, it is still best for everyone to do it naturally. People would only have to sacrifice some time and effort in exercising. However, many are not willing to work out in a gym. In many cases, they want to work out privately at the comfort of their homes.

4 Safe and Effective Standing Ab Exercises

One of people’s major problem areas on the body is the stomach. That’s because for many, fat accumulates around the midsection. Once this starts to happen, it is hard for people to lose weight around the core. Most of abdominal exercises require people to lie on their back on the floor, which can be uncomfortable especially for people with low back injuries or people who have problems getting up and down from laying position. What most people don’t realize is that you can exercise the abdominals standing up just as much as you can lying down.

Five Fitness Tips That Every Woman Should Know

Women, unlike men face specific issues when it comes to fitness. From muffin tops to bulging lower abdomens to back wings to flabby arms, women have various body issues that they need to battle out. This is why women and men have different fitness routines because they have different problems to address. So for the women out there, let me share to you some health tips that you should know and incorporate to your fitness routines.

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