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FREE Gym Membership

In every city in America this country has free gym memberships available to anyone who wants them. Where can you find these free gym memberships?

Running Advice for the Overweight – How to Start Running As an Obese Person

Are you overweight and looking for a way to lose those extra pounds for good? You’ve come to the right place. Being overweight can take its toll on your health and life quality. Fat is not a well liked buddy. Therefore, getting rid of it is mandatory. For that, starting a running program can help you lose those extra pounds and keep them off for life

Get Mental With These Mud Run Safety Tips – CerebRun

CerebRun is the world’s most interactive mud run, demanding that participants use their mental skills to help guide them through this unique obstacle course. This personalized mud run interaction creates a more exciting event, a more challenging event, as well as a more unique mud run to help offer some diversity from the fast-spreading mud run mill. A CerebRun Challenge emphasizes fun, because fun is more rewarding than products. And to maximize fun, CerebRun wants to help ensure the safety of its event.

Lazy Man’s Guide to Walking More and Reaping the Benefits

I admit! I don’t walk nearly as much as I should, despite knowing the additional calories burned walking. From driving to the office, sitting on my stability ball for 12 hours (yes, that’s my office chair, more to come on this), driving home and driving to the gym.

5 Myths to Core Training

Core training or exercise that specifically targets the core muscles has become one of the hottest topics in the fitness world lately. Unfortunately, its surge in popularity has also given rise to several ‘core training myths’. This article unearths the most common myths and offers corrective ‘truths’ from a professional personal trainer.

The Importance of Foot Strength

The strength and the stability of the foot is crucial to all exercises and sports that involve the lower body. However, the foot is often overlooked by personal trainers in program design. The foot is rather unpredictable but it does follow to mechanical paths; pronation and supination. The article suggests how few simple exercises can be added to ensure that the foot is strong and better prepared for more complex lower body exercises.

Keeping Joints Warm To Avoid Injury

Did you know that covering your joints can prevent exercised-related injuries? Simply wearing knee-length spandex shorts and neoprene braces can help keep joints warm and mobile during your exercise routine.

Reveal Your Abs: 6 Things You Need to Know About That Elusive Six Pack

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to successfully reveal your abs and chisel your beach ready six-pack. Unfortunately, there aren’t any true shortcuts that will give you “5 minute abs,” but there are some things you should know so you’re not wasting your time with endless crunches.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Gym: 5 Things You Must Know

Successfully navigate your local gym by learning about the basic nature of the gym, how the people there think, gym vocabulary, and important gym etiquette. This is information every gym-goer should know!

The Pushup and the Jump Rope A Brutal Bodyweight Training Combo

In today’s society most people use a couple of different ways to get themselves into what they call shape. In reality most people have no idea what getting fit really means. Getting fit is not driving to the gym to walk on a treadmill than doing some curls in hopes of getting bigger arms to impress the ladies.

Reaching for the Gold

The Olympic Games have a long, rich history of determining who is of the athletic elite. Even in the modern Olympic Games, athletes still exhibit pure strength, fortitude and a sense of community rarely sensed anywhere else.

4 Tips To Finding The Best Weekly Workout Schedule for You

Finding the best weekly workout schedule can be the determining factor on how quick and effectively you achieve your goals. Maintaining the right balance is the key for finding the perfect workout for you.

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