The Best 5 Min Warm Up to Do Before a Run

Improve Your Health And Sex Life

Find out how some simple activities that you already love to do can improve your sex life and your health at the same time. Reduce your stress, risk of various diseases and much more. Reading this article can quickly change your life for the better.

Something to Know About Ab Workouts

What are Abs? The term ‘Abs’ is easily understood by everyone since almost person on Planet Earth has become a participant in the ‘race for fitness’. There is also another interesting connotation to the term ‘ab’ that is used in English Literature to describe sonnets that go with alternate lines ending in rhyming words.

5 Guidelines Before Enrolling in Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are primarily the gateway for wellness. It is for everybody, regardless if you are a kid or senior. Workout trainings are given according to their respective fitness goals and needs. There are also exercises which are not advisable for kids or seniors. Therefore, let us find out important steps or guides before we enroll to fitness classes.

3 Most Overrated Exercises at the Gym

Not all exercises at your favorite gym are created equal. Some exercises are certainly better than others, yet some of the least beneficial exercises continue to be the most popular exercises at a lot of gyms.

Why Does Fitness Matter?

We’ve all heard or read the statistics around how obese the Western World has become and the on-going health costs that will need to be met because of our dietary and exercise habits; or lack of them! This article will highlight the reasons why Fitness should matter to you.

Promotion Of Balance Exercises For Seniors And Youths

Balance exercises can be beneficial for older adults as well as children. Medical researchers have proven that participating in balance training and specific strengthening exercises can reduce falls and promote healthy living.

11 Ways to Make Your Life More Active

Not everyone has time for a full blown workout every single day but it’s important to stay active. We show you little tips that you can easily do throughout your day that will benefit your health.

Get Outside This Weekend – 10 Outdoor Activities

If you have been wanting to lose weight and get into better shape, use the weekend to help springboard into action. You may find this the perfect opportunity to create a healthy weekend habit that you will come to truly love which in turn will start leading you to develop other healthy living habits. Here are 10 different outdoor activities to get you thinking of some possible options.

Muscle Metabolism

This article is going to introduce you to Metabolism and how the muscles utilise the various energy systems available to them. It will also give you an invaluable insight into how what we eat has a direct impact on how efficiently our muscles perform, and recover from exercise.

Functional Training: Top 5 Mistakes

“Functional Training” has been a buzz phrase in the industry for more than the past decade. However, there are still mistakes being made by beginners and uninformed professionals. Here’s our top 5 list.

Balance Exercises For Elderly And Their Benefits

There are some other additional benefits seniors will gain in addition to the better balance they gain through the balance exercises for elderly. These exercises will on both sides of the body improve the seniors’ flexibility and strength. And they not only lower the risks of falls, trips and slips, but also heighten the likelihood seniors will be able to reduce injury severity and recover balance when in fact these falls happen.

The First Phase of Fitness

Start your exercise routine off strong with the right exercises. Knowing what exercises to do from the start will help to prevent frustration and injuries. No matter what level of fitness you are, it’s always important to train your stabilizing muscles.

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