The Best Exercises At Home for Everyone

Home Workout Plan – Abdominals Part 2

In part 2 of the home workout plan series, we take a look at abdominal exercises that involve a chinup bar. When working from a hanging position, you will activate far more muscles than when lying down. I find it a better workout for my entire core as well as my arms from “hanging” on. If you do not have access to a gym with a chinup bar, you can buy one that fits in your doorway – see the picture at the end of this article. Part 2 of six pack abs is much like part 1 – use deliberate, slow movements that concentrate on the contraction of the muscle using high reps. All of the exercises are done in a hanging position so if your grip cannot hold you long enough, there are aids that can be used like ab straps.

Get Comfortable While You Exercise, Sit On a Machine

There are a plethora of machines at the gym. That doesn’t mean you should be using them. Sitting on a machine renders a portion or your body obsolete. Build your body the right way with functional training that requires activation of more muscle groups. Find out why you should minimize your use of machines.

Why So Many People Like to Do Interval Sprinting

Workouts are the most effective treatment for shedding extra fat and getting healthy. One of the most effective kinds of workout is interval sprinting. Many people implement sprinting especially when they are out of shape and want to reduce the extra fat from their body.

5 Fitness Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Finding information on fitness can be quite the task because new information is coming out every single day. With all these new “facts” it can be hard to sort out what to believe and what to not believe. We help clarify five of the biggest fitness myths that could be harming your health.

Boost Your Breathing, Enhance Your Exercise

Breathing is something we tend to overlook in exercise and in our everyday lives. You can find out if you breathe properly and ways to integrate proper breathing techniques into your exercise routine.

Avoiding Exercise? Add These 9 Moves Instead

You don’t need structured exercise to get healthy. Add these 9 moves into your day to create energy and well being.

The 3 Reasons Why Boot Camps Wreck Your Body!

In 20 years of being a personal trainer, every boot camp I have ever seen made me cringe! The Fact of the matter is that I have never seen a fitness boot camp that didn’t tear up peoples bodies or actually produce real, lasting results. I see people who stay in these fitness boot camps for years and never loose that “last ten pounds,” gain proper strength, or end up looking and feeling like they had hoped for. The one thing I see them gain, were injuries. Here are the 3 main reasons to avoid boot camps exercise classes:

What’s the Difference Between Machines and Free-Weights?

Whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned lifter a common question that people have is: “what’s the difference between machines and free weights” and in particular they want to know the benefit of both within their workouts. For those of you that are brand new to the fitness world, free weights are the dumbbells, cylindrical plates and bars that are around the majority of gyms, on racks and weight benches whereas machines are the large oddly shaped metal pieces of equipment. For anyone starting out I would strongly advise to start your fitness journey with machines.

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

People on a budget who just want to work out at home without buying an expensive gym membership need to look into kettlebell workouts. These workouts are efficient at burning calories and building muscles. Kettlebells come in various weights ranging from 4 kilograms to 50+ kilograms. Beginners need to start with a weight that is comfortable to lift without straining. You can increase the weight as the muscles become stronger. Below are examples of exercises that novices can add to a kettlebell workout routine.

Why You Should Baby Crawl As An Adult

Disconnection From Legs – I’ve always had issues about walking; feeling confident walking, being connected to my legs. When I was under 10 years of age I had 3 operations on my legs that laid me up in hospital for weeks, and in the 1960s it wasn’t a fun place for a child to be. Subsequently I have a lot of trauma around my legs.

Recovering From Illness to Get Back to Your Training

When you are sick you should stop training and consequentially lose most of your gains. How to keep yourself active and speed up your recovery? Here you’l find some very helpful suggestions.

CrossFit Training – Is It Healthy or Hype?

CrossFit style training can help you build muscle and get a good cardio workout in. Here’s a couple tips to make your training easier and progressive.

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