The Best Home Exercises for Back and Posture

MMA Weight Training Mistakes

A lot of times fighters and grapplers come to me with bulging chests, biceps, shoulders and defined six pack abs. With such a great figure you would expect them to be strong, but I couldn’t tell you how many fighters and grapplers come to me that can’t perform a couple simple chin ups.

Negative Reps – Build The Most Muscle In Every Rep

A lot of times I walk into a gym and see people going through their reps lightning fast. It’s as if they want to get their set done and be out of there as quick as possible. Unless you’re training for power or some specific sport, fast reps aren’t going to be the most useful method for building muscle.

Here’s A Few Quick Training Tips To Build Chest Muscle

There are many ways in which a person can begin to build bigger muscles, and specifically build chest muscle. This article will help you discover ways to build chest muscle effectively.

Healthy Muscle Building Supplement

Catch the best muscle building supplements that can help you have the benefit of not just a great body but also a healthy one. Learn from the helpful tips and the right supplements.

How To Get Past the Pain of DOMS From Working Out

I used to grossly dislike the muscle soreness that followed my workouts and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. For days I couldn’t stand, sit, walk or climb. Couldn’t lift a finger to come to my own aid, but I could talk about it plenty! All these “can’ts” nearly prevented a physical transformation, until the day that I became educated regarding what DOMS was doing for me. Before I realized what was going on, my “self-preservation” was actually some kind of laziness and weakness.

How to Build Lean Muscle – A 3 Step Approach to Building Muscle

Building muscle is not about going to the gym and pumping iron. How to build lean muscle requires a 3 pronged approach, with actually building muscle through weight training as only one part. In this article, we will cover the three legged stool to building muscle, plus methods to build muscle without weights, which is an excellent way of build lean muscle without ever having to getting a health club membership.

What Are The Best Ways to Build Arm Muscle for Huge Biceps?

Building arm muscle should be part of a whole body process. It is a proven fact that targeted exercise programs only work in concert with a whole body program. It is possible to build arm muscle though if you know how to target specific areas as part of your exercise program.

Who Else Wants To Build Chest Muscles? Here’s A Few Strength Training Tips

Are you looking for ways to build chest muscles? This guide will provide you with effective weight lifting and strength training tips.

What My Physical Therapist Taught Me About Building Big Biceps

So what did my physical therapist teach me about building biceps – which was not his intent, of course. Actually the sadistic madman was too intent on reducing me to a quivering mass of sobbing human flesh.

Best Workout Routine to Build Muscle Revealed!

There are many workout routines that you can use to build your muscles. However, sometimes the best workout routine to build muscle can be done from the comfort of your home. This article provides you with tips for your training program.

The Best Workout Routine To Build Muscle Revealed!

If you have already been training with weights, you may have reached a plateau in your training where you are not growing or building any muscle. This guide has a workout routine to build muscle that will help you break your plateau.

3 Samples of Basic Muscle and Fitness Training Tips

Strength training should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine. Not everyone desires to spend hours in the gym gaining massive muscle growth. However, for most of us, a basic muscle and fitness plan can help us shed unwanted pounds and gain energy and stamina improving our quality of life.

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