These ABS Exercises will Get Rid of Belly Fat

Trampolines For Fun and Fitness

Trampolines provide a fun and popular pastime enjoyed by people of all ages. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and can be set-up for use in your backyard providing you have sufficient space available. There are also trampoline clubs which are usually provided by a school or college for the use of their students.

Top Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Grab some weights and lift your way to a stronger, healthier you! Strength training can help women burn fat and strengthen muscle and bone.

No More Flabby Bat Wings! Tighten and Tone Your Arms

Bat wings got you down? Firm and tone your flabby arms in minutes a day with some simple, yet effective exercises.

Body Weight Training Exercise for Strong, Defined, Muscular Arms

Biceps Exercise Men desire to have big arms and this requires doing variety of bicep exercises to build muscular endurance, strength, and size. Biceps muscular endurance exercise for the arm is not the most popular of biceps training but is the preferred option for improved sporting activity and exceptional fitness. Muscular endurance can be developed with biceps exercises that allow one to do at least 20 and more repetitions per set.

Motivating Yourself To Exercise – Tips That Will Make the Difference!

We are told that exercise is good for us. But motivating yourself to exercise is more difficult. Many times we have the best intentions, but something else always seems to get in the way. And we may not feel that getting physically fit is really all that much fun.

How Important Is Exercise Form?

Just the other day during one of the boot camp workouts on the beach, a new recruit who was really out of breath, began to apologize for feeling fatigued and out of breath with statements like, “I’m sorry. I’m really out of shape. Sorry, I can’t keep up with the others.” Find out how to safely modify exercise form, where necessary.

Your Lovely Bones: Exercises to Prevent Osteoporosis

My mother’s skeleton crumbled when she was in her 80’s. I have a mental picture of a collapsing infrastructure that can no longer support the body around it. In the space of five years, she had joint replacements in both hips (caused by fractures in two separate falls) and both knees.

The Importance of Stretching in Overall Athletic Performance

Stretching plays a crucial role in injury prevention and enhancing overall athletic performance and yet it is often overlooked and neglected by many athletes as the ‘soft’ part of the training programme. Stretching is every bit as important as pushing a big, heavy weight or putting. Don’t miss your stretching regime just to get in a few more minutes hard training. It’s the wrong move.

Exercise Tips to Improve Balance

Have you noticed that your balance is slipping with age? Sometimes when I make a lateral move, like side-stepping to avoid something, I go off balance and swerve a bit. I definitely look tipsy and feel embarrassed!

Is Sleep Really That Important?

Lack of sleep is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of health and wellness that I come across. It’s probably one of the first things my clients sacrifice in order to get more production in their jobs and such. All the while they complain about a lack of energy, constantly get sick and really when it all boils down, they are less productive due to lack of sleep. Athletes in many cases are the same way. Learn the secrets to getting good sleep.

How to Build Muscle Without Injuring Yourself

Want to build muscle safely and effectively? This article shows you how to build muscle without injuring yourself.

Stop Confusing Your Muscles

“I always always always shock my body with new exercises.” “I love it when my muscles are sore, because it means I worked hard.” I hear some version of those two statements often. Usually it is people excitedly telling me about their new workout routine. When I see the same person three months later, they usually are not working out anymore, and do not look any different than they did before. It is time to reconsider muscle soreness and muscle confusion.

Spot the Signs of Overtraining

Are you exercising too much? Do you train too hard, too often? Here’s how to spot the signs of overtraining…

Why Crunches Never Create 6 Pack Abs?

What do you think would happen if you did 100 sit-ups a day? Would you have a flat stomach? Probably not but you would get to where you can do 100 sit-ups well and build some core strength. Crunches and sit ups won’t get you a flat stomach find out why.

Fitness Motivation – Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do

What do people tell you that you can’t do? How do you respond?

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