Too Little SEX is KILLING Your Gains!

Best Way To Gain Muscle – It’s As Simple As Working Out And Eating Right

There are thousands of companies out there selling newsletters, web site subscriptions, and all kinds of products that are promising to help you gain muscle fast. The thing is, all these companies want is your money. Every single one of them. They don’t care if you will actually achieve your goal or not and yet they make you believe that you won’t get there without them.

How To Get In Shape Fast For Men

Knowing how to get in shape fast for men who workout is the number one question. The answers are simple, and you can read them here.

Diet To Get Ripped Abs

Want to get ripped abs? Then you need to know how to diet to get ripped abs, after all abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Find out the characteristics that make the best diets work.

Burn Body Fat And Build Muscle

Burning body fat and building muscle is the key to a lean toned look. Find out how to make it happen and get in shape you can’t wait to show off.

Gaining Muscle Fast – The Secret to Big Gains

Gaining muscle fast is one thing that many men look for when beginning a strength training program. As a personal trainer I’m very often bombarded by guys asking about the things they should do to gain muscle fast.

Muscle Imbalances: Tips To Solve Weight Training Muscle Imbalances

If you are working out and start to notice some muscle imbalances, it can seem as a set back but if you follow the tips listed below, you will be on your way to improving and having an overall toned physique after all. When you have asserted that you have muscle imbalances, you need to take steps such as working the limbs separately, keeping the stronger side at a constant weight, and slowly increasing the weight at the weaker side. You want to make sure that you don’t lose any strength of the strong side, but you also want to…

Bodyweight Workouts: A Guide To Getting A Great Start

A Bodyweight workout involves exercises with nothing more than your own body weight. A Bodyweight workout is not a new phenomena. They were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Warriors often used them in training.

If You Can’t Lift Heavy Weights, Can You Still Build Muscle Up?

Have you ever looked at pictures of people with sculpted muscular bodies and then been tempted to head to the gym and try to bulk up yourself? Once you do get yourself to the gym and look around, you can you see all those super-motivated bodybuilders trying to build muscle up with frighteningly heavy weights. Certainly, the kinds of weights that the seriously musclebound play with are not for the faint of heart.

High Protein Foods For Muscle Building: The Truth About High Protein Intakes

High protein foods for muscle building include chicken, eggs, and fish. Protein is one of the most important supplements to be included in your diet to see the best results. If you are not getting enough protein from your diet, it comes in a variety of powders including: whey casein protein powder, whey isolate protein powder, egg white protein powder, and soy protein powder.

How To Get Ripped – Top Exercises For Getting Ripped

Compound free weight exercises allow you to work a wide range of motion, not to mention a natural range of motion. Although machines are generally good for building muscle and boosting metabolism, there isn’t a lot of them that allow you to do what you can with free weights. The thing with machines is that despite the fact that they can be adjusted to suit many body types, they are still considerably limiting and restrictive (e.g., they only allow for a certain range of motion which can be unnatural for some people). Another thing about machines is that some machines only allow you to load up up to a certain amount of weight.

Avoiding Injuries With Safe Muscle Building

Injuries are very common when exercising, especially in the case of beginners. Here are a few ways to prevent the most common injuries.

Top 5 Back Exercises for a V-Tapered Back

Targeting the back muscles effectively for a v-tapered back can be tricky. However, with enough focus and the right exercises, developing a firm, muscular back can be achieved.

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