Total Body Flexibility & Warm Up (8 Min Stretching)

Circuit Training Versus Traditional Weight Training

Even if you are new to weight training, you have probably heard of the debate between circuit training versus traditional weight training. You may be confused as to which protocol to follow. Do you lift light weights or heavy weights? How long do you rest in between sets? Which exercises should go together? How long should a workout last? Is this bodybuilding?

Gym Workouts With Etiquette

So, you’re thinking about joining a fitness center for some serious gym workouts? Crowded gyms can be very frustrating and downright annoying particularly when super-setting. This situation may develop into an irritation that affects how hard you train especially when your main objective should be to concentrate on performing each exercise with perfect form. It’s hard to give every rep and set everything you’ve got when gym etiquette dictates you let others share the machines while you take your time doing all your exercises back to back for three or four rounds.

Seeing The Value In Fitness

Insurance companies see the value in fitness. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be reimbursing so many people for a good chunk of their gym memberships.

Benefits of Walking May Surprise You

Does the addition of a walking program help decrease metabolic or cardiovascular disease risk in everyone? One group of people will want to start a walking program immediately. We discuss here.

Other Activities

We all love the Beachbody workouts, but you should also do other forms of exercise. I go over how you should get out in the summer time and enjoy “other activities” to stay in shape.

Five Hard Core Ways to Burn Fat and Calories – Beach Boot Camp Style

Frequently, the question about beach boot camp training is asked, “How many calories am I burning? How much weight will I lose? How can I get rid of that fat in my butt area, stomach, hips and thighs? Can you guarantee that I will lose twenty pounds in ten weeks?” Here are five ways to significantly increase your calorie burn with the after-burner effect.

Time to Modify

We all get injuries and have to figure out how to keep exercising while our injury heals. Here is an example of what I am doing with my son’s elbow injury and how we are working around it to continue to improve our fitness.

Other Ways to Lower Cholesterol

While there are other ways to lower cholesterol, exercise is by far the best choice. This article details ways to make exercise fun and exciting so that you can make it an enjoyable part of your daily routine.

I Need Help Losing Weight Fast

There was a time I searched the net screaming, “I need help losing weight!” Times have since changed. Your “I need help losing weight” question is about to be solved with the answer you knew already…

Using A Workout Journal With Your Personal Trainer

If you make the commitment to take on a personal trainer you want to make sure you get the most out of the experience by using all the tools you can to keep you motivated. A workout journal is a powerful tool because it gives you a clear picture of just how much your body is changing.

Is It Time to Join an Exclusive Fitness Gym?

Are you considering an exclusive fitness gym membership? It might be time. Read the following article and consider some what membership is like, helping you make an eventual decision.

Back and Biceps Super Set Workout

This is a peek into my workout routine. I am not the strongest individual to ever grace the gym. I am far from your steroid pumping freak, nor am I a candidate for “World’s Strongest Man”. However, I feel there are few people out there naturally who have more endurance and pound for pound strength than I do. With that being said, I will start you out on one of my routines for back and biceps.

The Best Exercises For Physical Fitness

So often people ask me, “what’s the best exercise for ______?” This question merits a response because after all, some exercises are superior to others depending on what you want to accomplish. For the purposes of this message I want to place focus on three (3) exercises that I consider superior movements. Allow me to qualify or explain that statement. I’ve chosen these three exercises based on the following criteria:

Olympic Lifting Works Well For Women Looking To Burn Fat And Sculpt Their Body

One of the best ways to sculpt your body and burn fat is to use strengthen training and many women fear that using Olympic lifting will make them turn bulky but that is just not true. In fact with a healthy diet and regular olympic lifting sessions you can tone and sculpt your body given it that lean look that women love.

Interval Training For Fast Fitness Results

Interval training is a term that pops up from time-to-time in magazines, talk shows, on TV. It’s been pretty well explained and there is a huge volume of information about what interval training is, so I will spare you the details. But just in case you’re totally new to this type of exercise design Interval Training is basically a workout that varies some aspect of intensity (load, speed, etc.) from higher to lower, back to higher as you progress through the workout.

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