Total Body Workout (Calorie Burning Exercises)

Leg Workouts For Men – Lose The Chicken Legs

Many men neglect their legs when they work out and that’s a big mistake. A ripped torso and skinny legs just looks odd…

Do Dead Lifts Cause Back Pain?

While the dead lift is an excellent way to build strong, balanced muscles, it is commonly associated with back pain. Learn the bodybuilding mistakes that turn this exercise into a trip to the doctor.

Weight Training – Top Tips For Beginners

Training with weights has been seen by many as something that body builders do to pump their bodies into an enormous size and proportion. While this is absolutely true it is important to remember that this takes time and may not be for everyone. In the beginning training with weights should be coupled with a good cardiovascular routine in order that muscles and breathing learn to work in harmony with each other.

The Elements of A Successful Strength Training Work Out

Work out routines vary hugely from bodybuilder to bodybuilder, but there are elements of creating a routine which are consistently found in the workouts of successful bodybuilders. This article discusses some of the elements of successful work out routines for strength training athletes.

Ways to Gain Weight Fast for Women: 3 Tricks to Pick Up Pounds Quick?

Are you on the hunt for ways to gain weight for women? It may come as a shock to many, but there are women who actually want to add pounds to their figure. There could be number of reasons why it is hard for them to pick up weight. This could be due to a higher than normal metabolism or an extremely active lifestyle.

The Secret of Getting a Six Pack Fast

Building muscle requires a large amount of determination. You can’t simply expect to see success instantly or even over a couple of weeks. Developing pounds of toned solid muscle will take months or even years. This could sound intimidating and unachievable for you but there is always hope.

Secrets on How to Get Big Biceps Fast

Big biceps are great way to boost your self-esteem, improve your image and get attraction from women. It is believed that men with big biceps are more attractive and have an active social life than those with small arms. In order to get bigger arms, you will have to do a lot of exercises.

See Dick and Jane Evolve

Can we force evolution upon our bodies? We look at three ways that we might be able to. What is microtrauma and why do we want it? How can a basketball player make so many free throws? Some call it practice, others drilling, but through repetition we can make changes to our bodies.

Building Muscle for Women Means Learning Special Techniques

There is a major difference in how most ladies focus on building muscle for women, especially compared to men. The reason is because their bodies are vastly different, which is why women require a separate workout. Women don’t want to bulk up because then they look heavier. They lift weights for the opposite affect. Building muscle for women means creating lean, strong muscles.

How to Build Muscle for Women Without a Gym

There is seemingly a gym on every corner, yet more and more people have diabetes and other weight-related illnesses that will eventually lead to their early demise. Learning how to build muscle for women is the best thing that you can do to keep your weight under control, build a stronger body, and make sure that you live longer with fewer broken bones.

What Does an Upper Body Workout for Women Consist Of?

There are several different muscle groups that you should hit during any upper body workout for women, and you should not do them on consecutive days. If you are doing your upper body one day and your lower body the next, then you can still add in aerobic exercise on all days, but be careful not to lift weights on the same body part two days in a row.

Why Is Building Muscle for Women So Hard?

If you are still lifting those same 3-pound weights you have had in your house for 20 years, then it is no surprise that you aren’t putting on any muscle. The key to building muscle and getting stronger is that you must continually break the muscles down and let them repair themselves. If you never move up in weight, this will never happen.

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