Train your CORE/ABS with a Single Dumbbell!

Minimize Your Workout For Maximum Effect

Why you don’t need to spend 45 minutes a day working out. How you can spend minutes throughout the day to build muscle and strength.

Ways To Grow Tall By Natural Means

It is true that a majority of the present population seem to be unhappy regarding their height. The fact is that lots of people are becoming scared because they’re not growing as tall as they are wanting to be and due to this they might not get proper success in their full life span. As a result most individuals are really wanting to find out how to grow taller by natural means. Workouts not only enable you to achieve your optimum height but it is also ideal for your good health.

Are You Doing Isolation Exercises? Then Stop!

If you want to develop a good looking, strong, and coherent body then do less isolation exercises. You actually get the minimum of your workout by doing isolation exercises, so stop focusing on them. This article will show you why they aren’t effective, and what you should do instead!

6 Ways to Prevent Workout Injuries

Working out is surely one of the most effective ways to become healthy. It’s not easy but the rewards are great. You know what they say, “No pain, no gain,” right? But sometimes we get so immersed with working out that we tend to neglect our safety that we end up with an injury instead of a healthy body. So to increase the gain and lessen the pain, here are 6 ways on how you can prevent workout injuries.

What Counts As A Cardio Workout?

You’ve probably heard it everywhere: you have to get some cardio into your daily routine in order to burn fat and stay healthy. But what exactly counts as a cardio workout?

How To Start Exercising If You’re Obese

Have you come to the realization that you’ve put on weight and it’s time to start exercising again? That’s a hard realization, but you can help yourself get out of your situation. Losing weight certainly isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it can be done.

4 Great Ways To See Muscle Gain

If you have been trying to build mass but are not seeing good results, then perhaps you have thought of giving up. You should stop right there! Muscle gain is not something that can happen overnight, and much less if you are not doing it properly.

Supersets: Advanced Exercising for Better Results

Have you ever heard of supersets in workouts before? A superset is when you train two different muscles of the same muscle group simultaneously and without a rest period in between them. Due to their challenging nature, supersets can be very beneficial in that they stimulate your growth hormones, and release of adrenaline. Not only that, but due to their intensity supersets are the best way to gain strength, and burn fat in no time. If you want to learn more about this fascinating method please be my guest.

Exercising With Your Heart

Tips on creating efficient and effective daily exercise practices through the use and understanding of heart rate zones in cardio workouts. Here are guidelines and theory to help you create your personal heart rate workout zones.

The Importance of Stretching In Preventing Obesity

Many people overlook the role that stretching your muscles plays in preventing obesity and maintaining  health and wellness. Stretching is more than a method used to prepare the body for movement and activity.

P90X Tips And Tricks, Muscle Confusion

P90X is a truly extraordinary exercise program utilizing muscle confusion. Learn unique exercise techniques that revolutionize the way you look and feel. Learn how to get in the best shape of your life in just 90 days.

3 Simple Rules Men Over 40 Should Know BEFORE Taking On ANY Exercise Program!

The following article will outline 3 simple steps you need to know BEFORE taking on any exercise program. Ignore these simple steps and you are planning to fail!

Heart Healthy Weekend Adventures

An active lifestyle is important when it comes to maintaining heart health. During the week a lack of free time can make it difficult for people to be as active as they would like. While jogging or working out at the gym are convenient ways to get a heart healthy workout, they can become boring and routine. The weekends, on the other hand, open up the door for more exciting activities. Turning free time into an adventure can be an amazing way to have an awesome time and a heart healthy workout all wrapped into one.

Doing CrossFit at Home or in a Local Gym

CrossFit is getting really big at the moment all around the world, and the reason for that is that this program actually works. People have literally changed their lives just from making the decision to go CrossFit at the local CrossFit gym, otherwise known as a “box”. However, not everyone has the luxury to have a CrossFit box in the area, so the only choice is to go do it yourself, either at home or in the local gym.

Daily Exercise for Always Keeping the Body in Good Shape

Some people think, when they are getting old their health will be worse, too. That is right. However, there are some excellent ways for keeping the body in the best condition. One of them is by doing the fitness exercise for building and improving the muscles at home or at the gym.

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