Train your CORE & Work on ABs!

Lose Weight and Improve Fitness Through Cardiovascular Exercise

Modern day lifestyle with its fast and processed foods, and the tendency to drink more alcohol than we should, has led to an epidemic of obesity. But there is one other factor that many people tend to overlook, and that is lack of exercise. Because many of us tend to live our lives in the fast lane, dashing hither and thither at 100 miles an hour, we just don’t have time to exercise. But it’s something that we should be making time for!

4 Unique Workout Trends

Diversity in workouts can mean the difference between success and failure. The desire to keep things fun and fresh is always existent, and these four exciting trends can add some serious spunk to any workout routine.

Should You Purchase a New or Used Exercise Rebounder?

Some questionable information regarding manufacturer warranties is frequently being found online for used exercise rebounders. Here are a few important things to be on the lookout so you don’t make an unwise purchase.

Top 10 Reasons To Exercise

We all know that working out helps us drop some pounds and look a little better. Yet, we all do not stick to our new years resolutions. Why is this? If we all knew the extra lesser known benefits of exercise then perhaps we’d stick to it!

An Introduction to Barefoot Running

Most people are skeptical when they first hear about barefoot running. Most think that it’s not very practical. After all, don’t you need shoes to protect your feet from injury? The truth is that shoes are not necessary.

Move to the Music: How Fast-Paced Music During Workouts Deliver Unexpected Results

Did you know that when you find the right beat for exercising, you subconsciously perform better? Think about it. How many people do you see using their iPods, phones or MP3 players at the gym? Many gyms offer a place to plug in your music device to charge, so you can listen without draining your battery while you exercise.

Why Exercising With Others Guarantees Success

Deciding to take on a regular workout or exercise takes a lot of patience and dedication. Many people fail to stick to their exercise regimen because the temptations are great. You can go to your workout today and decide not to go tomorrow.

How Diet and Exercise Dictate Your Weight

We’ve all been through the whole diet and exercise process at least once in our life. It’s always the – once in a while the sight of the own body in the mirror, seems to be wrong. What we actually all miss to see, is the hamster wheel we’d gotten ourselves into, when first starting on the whole body-cult-thing.

Three Safe Ways to Achieve Best Results at the Gym

Whether male or female, we all have fitness aspirations that we want to accomplish. This is the reason that people visit the gym or get involved in different types of sports and physical activities. If you want to build your best body in the gym, you should always take into account your personal development.

Jumping Rope Routine for Cardio

Of all the systems inside your body, the most important is arguably the cardiovascular system. Skipping rope is efficient, convenient and, above all, an exciting way to get an excellent cardio exercise.

Use These Five Tips To Build Mental Stamina

Just like every part of the body, the brain can deteriorate as we age. As we grow older we many not be as alert and attentive as we were back when we were younger. You may find yourself becoming forgetful at times.

The 5 Best Leg Exercises

Legs are the foundation of your body (literally)! Stop neglecting and abusing them with pointless and some times dangerous exercises. Do what is effective and do it right. In this article, I share my list of the 5 top exercises for developing your best leg strength and muscle definition.

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