3 Ways to Make Your Muscles Suffer

We all know that in order to make physically improvements we need to train outside of our comfort zone. If you did the same session day in day out your body will eventually get used to it and it would become easy and lose its benefits, you may have improved leading up to this point but without change now, your body will only maintain its current potential. Many people when deciding to make things harder will only increase the weight.

Building Muscles for Men and Women

From beginners to fitness nuts, men and women, young and old are building muscles for looks, confidence, strength, stamina and even competitive purposes. With the right approach you can be building more muscle mass in a matter of days with noticeable results in just a few weeks. This article discusses several reasons why people would want to build muscles and increase their fitness level and provides tips to help you get started in the right direction.

How Your Diet Can Help You To Gain Weight

Your diet constitutes 30% of your efforts to gain weight. This is because without a healthy and calorie-rich diet, you will end up burning fat and reducing muscle mass which is not what you are looking for. You need just enough calories to be used so that you can workout at the gym and go through your day. The two signs of a failed diet are when you feel too full and when you feel hungry. Hunger means that your body has already started breaking down muscle tissues.

Why Do You Build Muscles If You Want to Gain Weight?

There is a lot of advice out there on gaining weight by growing fat, so why do personal trainers recommend putting on weight by gaining muscle mass? Gaining weight serves 3 purposes and those are to enable you to perform better in your daily routines which could include sport, having a sense of achievement by knowing that you are in control of your life regardless of what you feel, and admittedly to prove to other people that you are physically superior to them. There is no harm to acknowledge to either a few or all three of the criteria. Here are the top 5 reasons why gaining weight via muscle mass is better than gaining fat.

How to Gain 1 Kilogram a Month?

People are always looking to do this more efficiently and that also applies to gaining or losing weight. The target you should aim for if you are looking to gain weight is to gain 1 pound of muscle each week. Any additional weight you will simply be from fat, which is highly discouraged unless you are severely underweight. Here are the 6 tips on how to gain 1 kilogram in a month from my own personal experience.

Squat Your Way to Weight Gain

So many people are always running for the newest fitness improvements and systems that it is often forgotten that the “old-school” training methodologies are the best, especially when it comes to gaining muscle mass. This is because they are the influence that the newer systems are based on, marketed to make the training “easy and fuss-free”. However, the truth remains that unless you are willing to go all-out on your workout, you will not achieve your fitness goals, be it in terms of gaining weight or losing weight. From my 8 years of fitness training experience, there is one which stands out the most and that is free barbell squat. Here are the 5 benefits of how squats will benefit you.

6 Important Things To Do If You Want To Gain Weight

If you are looking to gain weight, chances are you are currently as skinny as I was 8 years back. I struggled to gain weight because being skinny kept making me ill. I have since walked out into a stronger, fitter and bulkier me. Here are some tips I would like to pass on to you so that you too can gain weight if you are in this predicament.

4 Diet Habits That Produce the Most Muscle Growth

Muscle growth boils down to diet, exercise, and sleep. If you can master all 3 of these, the gains will follow. Here are 4 diet habits you must have in place so that you will produce the maximum growth physically possible.

5 Tips To Stop Working Out The Wrong Way

Yes, it is true, you can workout the wrong way! When you do this, it really slows any progress you might be making. There are beneficial ways to workout, and there are dead wrong ways. I am going to let you in on some right ways for certain muscle groups. Working out properly is a continual learning adventure. Embrace it.

How to Meet Mr. (and Mrs.) Right at the Gym

There are a lot of reasons people don’t regularly go to the gym. According to a 2006 survey by the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, many of us stay away because we don’t have time, find the gym intimidating, or disagree with membership costs.

How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

Hey, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated at the gym. Even when we’re at our peak, or need to hit a few workout goals, many of us are faced with both long hours at work and demands from the family.

Bodybuilding In the Winter

The winter season is upon us, and it’s time for a shift in your bodybuilding routine. Learn about the changes necessary to get your physique into optimal form for next summer!

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