Tricep Pushdown Form Check!

The Great New Sport of CrossFit

CrossFit is a buzz word on the lips of many fitness enthusiasts from all across the world. It was born in the mid 90’s when Californian gymnast Greg Glassman and wife Lauren opened the first CrossFit gym. Their initial goal was training the police department – not surprisingly CrossFit became popular amongst the emergency services such as the police, firefighters and the military, and this continues to this day.

Exercise Tips – How You Can Exercise After 40 Years Old

So you’re now forty years old. Is this the time to start modifying your workouts?

What Goes Into a Belly Dance Performance?

Belly Dance performances are a wonderful way to showcase your ever-growing talent and creativity. Many audience members are not aware the dancer has individually chosen the music, style and moves that are showcased.

5 Common Strength Training Workout Questions Answered

Whether you have been doing strength training workout for a while now or have just gotten started, there are certain questions that you have been pondering on for a while now and would want to know the answers for. Here, I attempted to provide answers to five common strength training workout questions.

5 Ways to Find Time to Exercise

Are you having problems finding the time to exercise? Time issues are the number one reason people give for not working out. But don’t let that stop you. Here are five simple ways to make more time to work out.

5 Fall Exercise Ideas to Get You Moving

Are you tired of working out in a hot, crowded gym? Fall is the perfect time to take your workout outdoors. Here are five fall exercise ideas that whip you into shape while you’re having fun.

Zumba Latin Dance Workouts Will Get You Fit And Healthy

Zumba dance workouts are getting so popular and many health enthusiasts are enjoying doing it. So what is zumba all about? You will get the information you want to know right here.

How to Create a Mindset for Fitness

So many people tend to make excuses as to why they can’t get fit or even be consistent in their exercise program. You may have heard things like, “I don’t have enough time,” or “the gym is too far away,” or “my children take up too much of my time.” Those are all excuses.

The Right Ab Workouts For Ripped Abs

Having ripped abs is considered hard to achieve but something so many strive for. Although there are various ab workouts on the market that are creative and are effective the truth is you can get a great midsection with some basic exercises.

Best Workout Plans – 4 Ways to Organize Your Workout Planning

Organizing your workouts is the best way to maintain your weight and get a consistent amount of exercise. If you don’t organize how you workout, you could end up either always doing the same thing or you won’t workout enough. Which is why organizing your workouts could be extremely helpful to ensure that you will lose the weight needed.

Tower 200 Review – Why The Tower 200 Door Gym Can Make Your Life Easier

Can you ditch that expensive gym membership by owning the Tower 200 resistance band door gym? Find out whether it is worth all the hype and how it could potentially make your life a whole lot easier.

Best Butt Exercises – 3 Good Exercises To Shape Your Thighs

You may be one of many people that isn’t content with your hips, butt an thighs. They are either too small, too big, too saggy, to flabby and well basically just not perfect. No butt is perfect, but there are things that you can do to make them appear nicer.

Having a Personal Trainer Can Literally Change a Persons Life and Health

A personal trainer is an essential part of an exercise regime. This individual is responsible for designing a workout routine that is beneficial for each of their clients based upon their individual needs.

3 Important Points To Remember for Road Warriors

If you are someone that sacrifices time and effort for your workouts, then you probably are in decent shape. One of the biggest problems for people who are in good shape is that when they go on vacation or travel to different countries, they tend to let go. They will forget all about the healthy eating and living habits that they have been practicing and this leads to people coming home from their vacation sad and stressed out.

Interval Training Advantages

By now you may have heard people talk about doing interval training. What is interval training? Have you done interval training before? Should you start doing interval training? What are the Interval Training Advantages? These are some of the questions that I hear throughout the day. Learn the concept of interval training and start losing lots of weight today.

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