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What Is Whey Protein and How Does It Help You Build Muscle?

Whey is a by-product from the production of cheese and consists of four proteins: Beta-lactoglobulin – Alpha-lactalbumin – Bovine serum albumin – Immunoglobins – Because it contains all nine amino acids, it is considered a complete protein. Types of Whey Protein – If you go to buy whey protein, you’ll find it comes in three different types. From the…

What Are Muscle Fiber Ratios?

The muscles in our bodies are comprised of several different types of fibers. They are generally lumped into two broad categories – slow twitch and fast twitch. The number of slow to fast in a particular muscle is referred to as a muscle’s fiber ratio. The number before the slash refers to the percentage of slow twitch; the number after the slash fast twitch. For example, a common Trapezius ratio is 53.7/46.2.

A Guide to Good Form for Muscle Building Exercises

We’ve all seen it while working out at the gym: some guy swinging a barbell or dumbbell loaded with weights way heavier than he should be lifting, in order to get it to the top of each repetition. Not only is he endangering himself, but others around him. When it comes to weightlifting, it isn’t how much you can lift, but the form you use to lift. A good way to tell if you are lifting about the right amount of weight is if you can do 8 to 10 reps all in the correct form. If not, then you should drop down to a lesser amount of weight. Here are six tips to maintaining correct form:

Which Should Be Done First – Cardio or Weights?

The answer to this age old question is going to depend on a number of factors. Always remember that what works for some may not work for others. So just because your friend lost 30 lbs running on a treadmill doesn’t mean you are going to get the same results. The important thing to keep in mind is your fitness goals are and how you intend on using each type of exercise in relation to your goals. Other factors include current level and experience level of each type of exercise. Some are going to get the most benefit from doing their cardio before weight training, but most will get the most benefit by doing it after. So which is best for you?

Isometric Exercises for Mind-Muscle Connection

When you lift weights, what is your focus? Most often, the answer is to lift the weight. With isometric exercises, moving the weight is not a factor because the angle of the exercise does not change, regardless of the intensity. What then, is the focus? The focus is on the muscles you use to perform the exercise, in order to further develop the mind-muscle connection.

Ab Exercises For Women That Work

Abdominal exercises are becoming really popular these days among men and women alike. Getting strong abs and being fit and well-toned appeals to everyone and people also realize the value that fitness plays in their longevity.

Ab Exercises For Men That Work

Great abs are the dream of every man, as they are the ultimate symbol of strength, fitness and manliness. Many people spend hours at working out, in order to get the perfect body.

The Easy Way To Exercise If You Want To Lose Weight

When you hear the words “exercises to lose weight,” do you want to stick your head in the ground or put your fingers in your ears? But regular exercise not only helps you lose weight, it can make you feel better, give you more energy and perhaps even help you live longer. So what can you do?

Exercises That Help Build Large Natural Breasts

There is a large portion of women who are not satisfied with their normal breasts but are also hesitant to opt for artificial breasts implant surgery, due to the time and cost factors. Women nowadays are resolving for different natural techniques, which are more understated than implants. Natural methods require more patience to begin and work, while effects might be only on a moderate level. The fact that numerous breast enlargement programs showing the pictures of breast lifts before and after are often hoax, doesn’t support as scientific evidence. For large breasts you can alternatively go with exercise routines mainly targeted for muscles that support your breasts. Exercise is a great way to remain fit and it should fulfill your goal and be a win – win productivity.

Under-Recovery, Not Overtraining

There are an overabundance of people working out, obsessed with the concept of overtraining. Any workout that elicits a slight burn in the muscles is subject to the ideology that it requires 3-5 days of recovery in order to avoid overtraining. There can be no overtraining in the muscle unless the muscle is first trained, not teased. A workout should have an incredible level of intensity to it, but the real ticket is to ensure that you are not under-recovered from your workout.

Weight Training for the Over 50’s – The Facts

We all pretty much understand the importance of exercise in our lives – and even continuing it right through in our later years as we get older. What is less known is the importance of strength training right into our later years to help ensure our energy, vitality and good health.

Home Gym Equipment – Higher Fitness and Value for Money!

By using some home gym equipment, it is possible to get a variety of exercises, maintain high fitness levels and even lose a reasonable amount of weight, right from the comfort of one’s home. If one chooses to go for home gym equipment, it could be a worthy investment as a person would not have to bother about unused gym memberships, time slots or even travelling down to the gym every day.

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