What Happens if You Eat NOTHING for 3 Days

Exercise Caution When Choosing an Exercise Facility

Finding an exercise class or facility is easy. Finding a good one, however, is not.

Maximize Your Workout and Minimize Your Gym Time With This Workout Technique

It may seem like a no brainer: spend less time in the gym, get better results, but I rarely see anyone practicing this workout technique. Circuiting, or super setting, combines both strength and cardio into the same workout routine. This means you don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill and then have to go pump some iron to see results.

Tips for Working Out While Traveling

It’s here again…my annual conference trip that takes me far from home and far away from my exercise equipment. One of the reasons I don’t like traveling on business trips is that I cannot take my home gym equipment with me. Through the years and many mistakes later I have learned a few tricks that I hope will help give you some good ideas for continuing to exercise while on the road.

Lose Weight Fast – Deadlifts Will Build A Strong Back And Tight Glutes and Hamstrings

One of the most overlooked exercises in the gym is the deadlift although it is a staple of any serious fitness buff. And why wouldn’t it be? It builds three of the most underdeveloped muscles; the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Many of us concentrate on what we see in the mirror but building strength in these three muscles will set the stage for a serious body transformation.

The Right Way to Assemble Your Personal Sandbag

Sandbag workout is a very good way to develop whole body fitness. It also gives you flexibility that only few other exercise methods can equal, unlike some fixed exercises offered by extremely costly exercise equipment.

Your Personal Exercise Checklist

The following principles are absolutely essential if you are to attain your goals with regard to exercise. Nobody is exactly the same when it comes to exercise routines and intensity.

A Remedy From Ancient China to Relieve Hot Flashes and More

Cool the Hot Flashes that come to a great many women because, according to Ancient Chinese traditions, we need to bring ourselves back into harmony. The challenges of modern society and the stress that comes with it, makes it challenging to relax. Here are playful and specific steps to follow to become cool again.

Body Resistance and Free-Weight Training: The Ideal Workout, Part II

In Part I of Body Resistance and Free-weight Training, I discussed the awesomeness of exercise equipment infomercials, our inability to resist purchasing said equipment, and our subsequent inability to put said equipment to continuous and persistent use due to a societal “quick fix” mentality. More importantly, I stated that anyone can get a good workout with results without pounding away in the gym for hours. This can be accomplished simply using one’s body and/or exercise equipment which can be employed anywhere, such as dumbbells or resistance bands.

How To Build Abs From Nothing – Where Do You Start?

Have you ever gotten out of bed, looked at the mirror and wished you had a great set of six pack abs? You’re not alone! There is no limit to what I’ve seen people do to discover how to build abs and really firm and tone their midsection.

3 Of The Most Effective Ways To Have a Flat Tummy And Six Pack Abs

Time to dispel some myths… If you think sit-ups, crunches and other targeted abdominal workouts are the best forms of exercise to perform when you are talking about ways to have a flat tummy, you’re wrong. Abdominal exercises are great for building and strengthening the abdominal muscles but they are almost useless if you want to strip away fat and have a lean, flat stomach.

How To Choose The Best Treadmill For Your Budget

Finding the best treadmills to match both price range and also your personal preferences could be a slight problem. There are so many treadmill designs getting introduced on the market, it doesn’t surprise me that individuals are often overwhelmed by the choice. Choosing the best possible treadmill is imperative, so that you won’t find yourself regretting an expensive error along the way.

Warming Up and Cooling Down: Bookends of Your Training Regimen

Like a diesel engine, the human body often requires a period of warming up before chugging along and performing at an optimum level. At the end each activity, one must also never forget to do a proper cool down session, for it too does provide a whole range of benefits.

Creative Solutions To Your Health: Finding Time

Making time for health can be difficult in today’s mile-a-minute society. But there are lots of ways to improve your health. All you need is a little creativity!

Rebound Exercise – The Pain Free Way to Get Healthy and Fit

Running, jumping and even weightlifting can cause over-use injuries and is hard on the joints. Rebound Exercise is a safe, fun and effective form of exercise that will anyone can do in their own home. It is easy on the joints and the skeletal system and allows for any type of workout, from beginner to advanced.

3 Simple Steps to Perfect Abs

Everything I’m about to tell you is simple… but not easy. Simplicity is probably one of the most challenging things to accept, especially if you’re like me and you’ve been searching for an answer for such a long time.

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