What Happens if You Eat NOTHING for 3 Days


Arm Workouts – Killer Arm Workouts for Size and Shape

Most men love to have big biceps, for them having big biceps is a sign of strength. But having just big biceps is not enough these days. And, it’s an unbalanced way of doing your workouts, and is only half a job on developing your arm muscles.

Avoiding Ball of Foot Problems

Ball of foot problems are a common complaint, yet oftentimes they are not deemed to be severe enough to warrant medical attention. However, ignoring foot pain and carrying on as normal in the home that the problem will abate naturally is often not the best choice. Seeking the advice of a podiatrist is usually the best bet to ensure a quick recovery.

Does Your Exercise Attitude Need An Adjustment?

Have you ever made a decision to ‘exercise more’ or to ‘eat better’…then after a few weeks/days of getting to the gym early, experiencing sore muscles and not seeing immediate results….you decided that your position as a non-exerciser was easier? Maybe…just maybe what you really need is an adjustment to your exercise attitude.

Exercising And Eating

To get what you want out of your exercise, no matter if it’s a cardio routine or a resistance routines. Eating before and after is a very important part in exercising.

The Top Moves For A Firm Lower Body

If you’re getting started with your workout program, one goal that you very likely have is to firm up your lower body while increasing your strength to make everyday tasks easier. The good news is that you can achieve your goal with the right training approach. Some people are fast to put off doing strength training activities for their legs thinking it will make them look thicker in the thighs but this isn’t the case at all. Weight bearing activities will help to add more muscle tone and definition, while increasing the rate of fat burning that you experience. Let’s take a look at some of the top moves to help you achieve the best results and get those legs looking sexy.

Benefits Of Functional Exercise Over Traditional Health Club Workouts

You may have read or heard about the term “functional exercise” being thrown around by personal trainers and fitness experts. With the increased awareness about the importance of core strength, flexibility, and movement patterns, functional exercise has become quite the buzz. So what exactly is functional exercise?

Three Machines to Use at the Gym for a Great Fat Burning Workout!

Need a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program that you can do at just about any gym? OK. Here you go!

Exercise Like a Caveman!

Working our bodies like our ancestors have done for the past two million years is more effective than boring long workouts on expensive machines. So workout like a caveperson!

Warming Up For Exercise, My Take

Warming up for exercise is essential and something I do with every client I have. I think its fair to say most people think they warm up before they exercise, but are people really warming up? Or are they just wasting their time?

Exercise Regimes for Women

Normally, women aren’t thinking about building large muscular mass which describes why almost all of their physical exercises are quite different from the one’s that men employ within the gym. Aerobics is one of the forms of exercise that is very common amongst women. However, the fact of the matter is that weight training exercises shouldn’t be ignored even though aerobics exercises are particularly efficient at burning calories.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet And Working Out

Exercising is hardly about strength training and exercising regularly, there are so many other things that you also have to cater to. Let me assure you that exercising regularly is no joke. If you desire for your muscles to build up rapidly and in a proper manner, one of the most important things that you have to take care of is your diet.

Benefits of Performing Bodyweight Exercises for the Busy Individuals

Bodyweight exercises apply the principals of overload and adaptation to achieve the aim of building an incredible strength to body weight ration, huge muscles, weight loss, superb fitness, improved sport performance and simply improving on vitality and heath. A person whose goal is to have increased strength can use a series of progressions from a few standard chin ups to arm chin ups to develop a level of strength surpassing all other forms of exercise. Benefits of body weight exercises Achieving fitness: body weight exercise is a better way for a person to build an athletic, physique, toned body using…

Mini-Workouts to Help You Stay in Shape This Holiday Season

Do you feel calm and ready as Christmas is fast approaching? How about days before the event arrives? Perhaps wrapping the gifts and food preparations are not the things that stress you out the most during Christmas. The post-event worries you more. If you are not concerned with looking and feeling great after the event and are simply getting merry all throughout, you may really need to start feeling worried. In order to save you from this and allow you to enjoy the Christmas season, you can start today by doing mini-workouts.

Workouts You Can Do Wherever You Are!

Work and family can interfere with our training a lot. Even though your mind is very willing to perform your weight loss routines, your schedule may not allow you to. If you are a very busy person, this workout called Fitness Blitz will surely help you. You can do this whenever you are at home, office or just anywhere.

5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Everyday

Gone is the “rest” day. It’s time to move your body. Find out why exercising everyday is important.

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