What I Ate as a Vegan | Super Chill Edition

Follow the Paleo Diet, But Also Enjoy Life!

Follow the Paleo Diet and see how you feel, but don’t get too caught up in all of the ‘rules’. You can enjoy and take pleasure in your food and still follow a healthy diet. Make sure you also make time for exercise and relaxation which have a huge impact on what you eat throughout the day.

The Top 5 Healthiest Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruits are what you can call “nature’s dessert”. Most people find it easier to eat fruits rather than vegetables mainly because of their taste. This is the also the reason why healthy fruit smoothies are the number one choice of anyone who’s looking to lose some extra pounds. Aside from being easy on the taste buds, healthy fruit smoothies are packed full of essential nutrients that ensure healthy weight loss.

The Best Selection of Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

If you’re aiming to shed off a few extra pounds, then you’ve probably chanced upon an advice to start drinking green smoothies for weight loss. The number one cause of weight gain is unhealthy eating – eating plenty of fatty, processed foods instead of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

The 5 Most Popular Strawberry Smoothie Recipes

When it comes to healthy smoothie recipes, strawberries are one of the most favored fruit ingredients. It’s not surprising why – these little nutrition powerhouses make any tasty dish even more delicious.

Blending 101: The Top 5 Smoothie Recipes for Beginners

Low-calorie smoothie recipes are popular among health buffs and dieters just about anywhere. Apart from the vitamins, minerals and fiber they provide the body, smoothies are also refreshingly delicious – that’s why it’s not hard for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle to start with green smoothies.

Top 5 Most Helpful Tips for the Green Smoothies Diet First Timer

The green smoothies diet have long been enjoying the limelight in the nutrition world as more and more people are joining the “go green” bandwagon. Smart dieters and weight-watchers alike have started opting for healthier ways to lose weight, and drinking simple green smoothies is one of the most popular choices.

Potatoes Not Bars: Fuel Without Sugar On Long Rides (It Really Works!)

Cycling foods are mostly sugar — sports drinks, gels, bars, shots. These can be unhealthful and lead to undesirable symptoms for those who are sugar sensitive. There’s a better way to fuel on rides.

Should We All Be Taking Probiotics?

More and more is being discovered about the connection between gut bacteria and good health. This article discusses that link, and explores the role that probiotics play in restoring gut health and improving your overall health as a result.

The Australian Designed Semak Vita Juice Cold Press Juicer

If you’re in Australia and in the market for a decent cold press juicer, then it’s well worth looking at Semak’s Vitajuice (VJ2012) model. If you’re not so familiar with Semak, they have a 60 year history of providing high quality domestic and commercial appliances to Australia kitchens.

Why You Should Eat Avocado for Weight Control

It seemed like it was only recently that we were being told to be very careful not to eat too much avocado. They are high in fat, and everybody considered the word “fat” as something to avoid at all cost. This fruit (yes it is a fruit, having a single large pit) are sometimes thought to be vegetables because they are not sweet and are often used like vegetables in salads.

Fast Food: 4 Reasons Not To Indulge

Fast food diners serve up some of the worst food you can eat for your health. Do you know just how bad eating this stuff on a regular basis really is though? The potential long-term affects on your body are astounding. In this article I discuss some of the health problems brought on by eating too much fast food.

A Simple Way to Eat Healthy, Have More Energy, and Live a Long Life

Nutrition can best be defined as the study of the way the body processes and uses nutrients — substances in food that the body needs for growth, repair, and maintenance of cells. The most important food you can eat for those benefits as well as for more energy, a more youthful body, and a longer life is any healthy food you enjoy and didn’t eat already today.

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