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Some Details of Greek Yogurt Nutrition

In addition to the many good things you’ve probably heard about Greek food yogurt as pertains to health and fitness, there are also results done in studies that point to positive correlative effects. For example, it has been discerned that yogurt in general, and Greek in particular – because of the nutritional advantages it has over the normal – keeps weight off of you as you get older, when you substitute it for breakfast. This is because the ingredients make you feel full, even though the caloric content is minimal.

Organic Versus Healthy, Consumer Perceptions With Food Claims

Organic regulations regulate the amount of toxins that can be used to grow and manufacture organic foods, but there is misconceptions concerning the health benefits of natural organic foods. A 2010 study conducted by the Psychology Department of the University of Michigan found that people perceived organic foods as healthier than conventional foods, even with the same calorie counts.

5 Common Myths About Protein Diet

If in taking protein is harmful, what else is beneficial? My friends and clients say protein causes heart attacks, diabetes and liver diseases. Friends, this is not true. I suggested to my clients to have a different opinion about protein. Protein is really helpful for your weight loss efforts. Indeed, without protein our body growth will stop…

The 3 Best Greek Yogurt Flavors

Greek Yogurt has taken the industry by storm, and more consumers are taking notice of the nutritional benefits this super food offers. But which flavors taste the best? We break down the top 3 flavors.

4 Natural Weight Loss Supplements That Work

In this article I want to discuss weight loss supplements with you. Why we should use supplements? The answer is explained in detail.

Healthy Snack Ideas to Munch On

Are your snack choices giving you satisfaction without the right nutrition? Are you stuck with practically empty food that can only make your taste buds happy? Consider snack planning and preparation just before you are about to take that bite.

Healthy Fruit Drink

A healthy fruit drink is always better for your body than things like sodas, milk shakes or other high calorie or fat-filled beverages. Here are some interesting facts you may want to know about fruit drinks and what they can do for you.

Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?

Many people are turning to artificial sweeteners in an effort to decrease sugar intake and/or lose weight. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer, heart disease and even obesity. Before you consume these products read this article to see if they are good for you.

Important Facts A Person Must Know About Protein Bars

Protein bars are healthier option than a candy snack or a burger. But what are the other benefits you could get from this snack?

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are not only full of a huge amount of nutrients, but are very low in calories. Dried tart cherries make and excellent snack food and using this delicious fruit for desserts is well known.

How to Make a Simple and Tasteful Law Calorie Tuna or Chicken Salad

Here you can learn how to make an easy and healthy salad with tuna or chicken as a key ingredient. This salad is delicious, it gives you an absolute control of your intake of nutrients and calories, and it suits as an easy made meal for students or others with a strict time schedule.

Fruit Diet Recipes

Fruit Diet Recipes can be found in abundance on the internet. By following these recipes and replacing them with your junk foods such as chips, candies and sodas, you can be assured of a healthier and slimmer body.

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