What I Ate Today (Vegan) + SNOW!!!

Get The Right Natural Supplements For Your Body

A lot of people take natural supplements to bridge the nutrition gap of their body, but the question arises here is that, are you taking the right supplements? The answer to this question lies in your body itself.

Do You Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables Every Day?

You may be the kind of person that loves their fruits and vegetables and you get the proper amount every day; at least you think you are. However, the majority of people do not get even half of the daily recommended servings. Here is some information that will hopefully help you make a more informed decision.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Nutrition?

Earning a degree focused in nutrition can have many potential career paths other than becoming a nutritionist. There are six main types of nutrition paths to choose from, including teaching nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrition consulting, clinical nutrition, food science, and food service management. Most nutrition jobs should fall within one of these categories.

Pre-Exercise Nutrition

Muscles require complex carbohydrates. Without an adequate and sustainable supply, muscles are unable to generate the energy needed to power through a workout. Eating a balanced diet (snack or meal) before exercising is vital for the strength needed to see an exercise session through to the end.

Burn Belly Fat With a Trans Fat?

Burn Belly Fat with a Trans Fat? How can that be?

3 Shocking Food Fallacies That You Must Know

This article will list 3 so called “healthy foods.” Then look at each in detail to break down their claim of being healthy.

The Soil/Food Dynamic In The Re-Creative Process Of Your Body

… And you thought you were just getting vitamins and minerals! Read about how food affects your bio-chemistry.

5 No-Fail Tactics For Eradicating Sugar Cravings

Is your sweet tooth leading you astray? Here’s some surefire tactics for taming your sugar cravings today.

Will Carbohydrates Make Me Fat?

Carbohydrates provide the body with immediate and sustained energy. If your goal is to lose weight, do not completely skip your carbohydrates.Consider the better choices of CHOs. There are two types of carbohydrates, simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates, or simple sugars, are sugars that contain one single molecule (monosaccharide) or two combined (disaccharides).

Why You Should Eliminate This Popular Food From Your Breakfast Repertoire

Why is it that for breakfast in America, we always need to start off with something sweet? Now, by no means am I bashing this trend in its entirety but take a trip down the breakfast aisle these days and it seems you might as well be in the dessert section. Frosted Mini Wheats, Pop Tarts, packaged muffins, fruit-centered cereal bars… oh my! Do any of these NOT contain loads of added sugar? The answer is no.

Is Dietary Fat Tied To Heart Disease?

Researchers are confirming that it is not as simple as saturated fat equals increased risk for heart disease. In a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers did not find that people who ate higher levels of saturated fat had more heart disease than those who ate less.

Fructose: The Sugar No One Thinks Is Sugar

Fructose, the sugar in fruit, seems to be healthful but isn’t. It’s linked with numerous health problems, including insulin resistance, diabetes, and more. Learn more about the health issues caused by diets high in fructose and fruit.

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